Review Of The Disney Movie Cinderella

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

For this assignment, I choose to watch Cinderella (1950). Cinderella is an animated musical fantasy feature film produced by Walt Disney and directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, and Hamilton Luske. It was adapted from the fairytale story written by Charles Perrault. I was impressed with the colors that existed in the animation of the movie. The colors and lighting used in executing the animation are captivating for both children and adults. The colors used were warm colors. I would commend the animations in the movie as one of the strongest elements of the movie.

For a film made in 1950, I would commend Walt Disney for a job well done with the incredible animation that was used. One exceptional example of a magnificent animation is the scene where Cinderella’s dress is turned into a beautiful ball gown that she wore to the ball hosted by the prince. Lighting was also a major aspect of the movie. The directors used the three-point lighting style, this style is generally used in animations. It helps to make the movie more dramatic by using lighting that originates from three different positions to put light on the subject, and or eliminate shadows. One notable scene where this technique was paramount is the scene where Cinderella was looking out of the window with light brightening her up with dark shadows behind her to capture the viewers’ attention. The fade-in the style of transition was also used. I would say I loved the scene at the beginning of the movie where the birds opened up the curtain in Cinderella’s room to bring light into the room, therefore illuminating it from its previous dark state. Another aspect of the movie I was drawn to was the music. Anybody who has seen this older version of Cinderella would have heard the song Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo song. While watching this movie for the class, my two-year-old son joined me. we have been singing the Bobbidi-Bobbidisong ever since. I think this shows how music also played a major role in the movie.

I like this movie a lot and it a good representation of the fantasy genre. I like the teachings and morals of the movie. The movie teaches that one’s actions has a negative or positive reward. It teaches that been kind and good would be rewarded with better and being cruel, greedy bad, and mean would also have its own negative reward. I think the directors, Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, and hamilton Lusk, did a good job when they directed this movie. The Disney company was in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy, so they had all hands on deck with working to make Cinderella a hit.

Walt Disney chooses to animate another fairytale that was similar to Snow White because of the success they amounted to its animation. Walt Disney was betting on the success of the movie because his company was already bankrupted from the losses they incurred when productions like Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Bambi, did not perform as well as its predecessors in the theaters. He needed Cinderella to be a success. With the help and expertise of the amazing directors and cast, Cinderella was one of the greatest hits of 1950. The profit that was gotten from the movie was what Walt Disney used to finance the production of his subsequent movies, built Disneyland, and also entered into television production. Disney had a crew of amazing actors, and the famous Cinderella’svoice was acted by the voice actress, Ilene woods. Ilene Woods did a good job in executing a perfect voice over. The voice of Lady Tremaine’s character was also exceptionally executed by Eleanor Audley. I think a combination of all these great actors, directors and the producer helped made this movie a great classic.

My Criteria for Quality in Film:

  1. The most important criteria for me is fora the film to have a happy ending.
  2. Effective transition techniques are used to transition between scenes.
  3. The colors used in the movie, color attracts younger viewers.
  4. Characteristics of a high-quality film is the use of good Sound effects, music, and the effective use of the tone of the actor’s voices.
  5. A film would most likely be good if it teaches good morals and behaviors.


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