Review Of The Book The Perks Of Being A Wallflower By Stephen Chbosky

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

The story is about a 15-year-old boy named Charlie who is an introvert and never gets involved in life directly and has just started his life in a high school and is terrified of making new friends. Although, he is an introvert yet he pays close attention to things happening near him in the school being a silent observer. In the entire book Charlie writes to an unknown friend in the letter format stating about the happenings in his life like friendship, first love, music and more. The hidden talent of Charlie I.e. writing is carried out by his English teacher Bill who help him to work on his writing and help him fulfill his dreams of becoming a writer. Charlie tries to come to terms with two traumatic events from his past, suicide of his only friend Michael a year before and the death of his favorite Aunt Helen in childhood. Two of the charming personalities named Sam and her stepbrother Patrick who are two years ahead of him become his mentors when he is going through a lot and help him to discover the world in a new way. Charlie cared about Sam and Patrick a lot. Charlie is known as the wallflower in the group by Patrick as he didn’t dance at the homecoming and is a very shy person. Charlie siblings are always there for each other in any problem. Sam and Patrick are always there for him. Charlie had feelings for Sam and she knew that but never showed him and always considered him as his younger brother. But she kissed him as a gesture of showing gratitude and respect but not in a romantic way. She did so because she never wanted his first kiss to be with someone who is not worth it unlike her own past experience. Charlie gets to know a lot about adultery things such as drugs, abuse and sexuality etc.

The main characters are Charlie, Sam, Patrick (Sam’s stepbrother) and Bill (English teacher). My favorite character is Charlie because I find him interesting and loved the way he was dealing with his family problems along with the complications in the high school, friendship and love life with the help of his two particular friends. He is a very shy yet talented and observant person. I also found Bill the English teacher effective and great as he helped Charlie to process and reflect upon his abilities of writing which was his hidden talent and dream.

I could relate to Charlie in a way that when I was transferred to my new school at the age of 13, I faced many troubles. Troubles like finding new friends and fitting in them. Mixing in the environment of the school and dealing with my own shyness and lack of confidence parts. I have suffered from bullies and pressure of studies while having no friends and losing important ones in my life. So, I think I can feel Charlie.

I liked the book very much. The favorite part for me was when Sam kissed Charlie because she cared for him and never wanted his first kiss to be ruined by someone who is ungrateful to him just like her past. The least favorite part for me was when they mentioned parts like The Rocky Horrow show which they attended frequently just because I don’t know much about it so I couldn’t really relate to it. I wish I could add some more details regarding the teenage problems but still I loved the way author actually mentioned the problems and difficulties.

I would definitely recommend this book to other people and mostly to the teenagers. I think the teenage guys and girls can really relate to these problems and all.

The author wrote this book for very personal reasons. He says he relates to Charlie and his adolescence but still the life of the author in the high school was different in many ways. His intention for writing the book was to bring to parents’ attention the “teenage problems” happening nowadays all over the world as well the effects of social anxiety etc.

This bestseller is one of those books that force you to think of the harsh realities that people go through, bring you out of your bubble and make you grateful for the smallest of things. And make you think there is still hope and light after the tunnel.

It stands out as one of the best Teenage fictions to ever exist because it gives the reader a perfect amalgamation of reality and fiction with a hint of romance and love. It highlights the problem regarding sex, drugs and mental aspects. It initiates a string of thoughts, leading one to imagine the possibilities of existing in the place of the character and thus also creating imagery.

Another reason why “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” truly stands out is because the setting to the whole novel is unique. It reflects the societal and values that are run deep all over the world.


The book is worth reading for the teenagers who like novels related to young and adult fictions. While according to me, the book is great and the author was indeed optimistic while writing the novel. I would highly recommend my friends to read this novel. It is sentimental and reflects the mental problems and is wholeheartedly engaged with the teenagers. I would suggest parents to read this novel as well so that they may become aware of problems of children of such ages.


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