Review Of The Book The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

November 3, 2020 by Essay Writer

The fault in our stars is a book about a 16 year old girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster suffering from a thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs. Since she is very depressed and lonely she loves to read books. One day her mom notices she reads the same book “An Imperial Afflicton” over and over again. She visits doctor and tells her about her condition behalf of which the doctor recommends her to join a cancer patient group where people going through tough phases of life like herself come together to share stories and socialize. One fine evening while she enters the cancer patient group building she bumps into a guy named Agustus Waters.

Agustus is a guy whose osteosarcoma caused him to lose his right leg. Agustus is a survivor of cancer but he comes to cancer patient group just for his friend named Issac who unfortunately suffers from eye cancer. In the group everyone starts to share their biggest fear of their life. Agustus says his biggest fear is being oblivion then suddenly hazel debates and says everything and everyone that exists will come to an end oblivion is inevitable. After the class ends while hazel waits for her mom to pick her up from the cancer patient group Agustus comes by and talks to her and both share their liking about books. Everything goes fine until Agustus pulls out a cigarette and puts it in between his lips. Hazel gets angry thinking he smokes knowing that cigarette causes cancer and he being a cancer survivor smokes and promotes a company that spreads cancer then Agustus smiles and says he doesn’t ever light the cigarette he just puts cigarette in his mouth as a metaphor that not giving the power to the thing that kills even it is very close. Then Hazel smiles and they both go for a movie that Agustus house where they talk about books and how Agustus loves a book about zombies and stromtroopers. Hazel talks how good an imperial affliction is and recommends Agustus to read the book. Agustus reads the book and finds out that book ends in half sentence probably character dies suddenly. Agustus gets curious and asks hazel. Hazel has the same question and says she has been asking this question to the writer Peter Van Hal via email but doesn’t ever get an email back. One day in a phone call Agustus reads his email to Hazel which apparently comes from the writer than Hazel has been trying to contact for ages. When asked how Agustus says he contacted his assistant and requested to forward to the writer. In the email he says he can’t tell how the story ends because she might leak the info and demand for a sequel might arise and invites them to Amsterdam where the writer lives. Hazel gets excited and tells her mom about it but mom says cost is an issue because they are not financially strong. Agustus tells her to use her wish which is provided by a company called genie which grants one wish to the dying patients. Hazel apparently already used her wish to go to Disneyland while she used to be a kid. Agustus laughs at her foolishness and they go back to their home. Next day Agustus invites Hazel to a park over a sandwich like a picnic and says he wants to use his wish for her and go together to Amsterdam to meet the writer of the book and find out the answers like what happens at the end. Everything was fine until one morning she couldn’t breathe properly and had to be rushed to a hospital. Her lungs filled up with liquid so she couldn’t breathe. She gets better after medication but she feels sad that she couldn’t go to Amsterdam to meet the writer and get answer to her questions. After few days her mom and Agustus manage everything and they go to Amsterdam to meet the writer they were so excited for. They reach Amsterdam and go to the writer’s house where they find out the writer is a drunk and it was his assistant that Invited them to Amsterdam. Writer disrespects them makes fun about their cancer disease and tells them to leave.

They get sad and sit in a bench by the park where Agustus says he developed cancer to and is in his last stage. One night Agustus gets sick at a gas station and calls Hazel for help and is taken to emergency room. Agustus gets sick and knows he is about to die so he requests Hazel to not stay at hospital to see him die. Next morning she gets the news that Agustus passed away leaving a letter to the writer that saying how beautiful and smart she is and how lucky he felt to get to love her.

This book is for everyone who is going through a tough phase in life because the character in this book go through a lot of hardship but never give up. Their love keeps them together and takes them through every tough situation. I have read many love story books but “The Fault In Our Stars” is the most true to life and simple story that doesn’t fail to touch my heart. So I want to recommend this book as it is a full of emotion and refreshing read.

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