Review of “Self-help Book Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

As social creatures, we, human beings, are smart enough to struggle for development, high productiveness and personal growth. There are a lot of methods, approaches and recommendations on how to increase productivity, stop procrastinating and do so many tasks per day that is hard to imagine it is possible having only 24 hours. “Eat that frog!” teaches to accept challenges right away and start the way from the hardest task, the author assures that if you are done with the “ugliest” task for you – the rest are not so heavy, scary or something (there’s should be a reason why you decline that tasks).

21 practical methods to become a very productive and successful really can organize your routine in such way that you won’t miss any important deals, can get a promotion and it will look like you have even more than 24 hours to do everything planned. The biggest enemy of success is laziness or procrastination, call it whatever you want but the sense remains the same – we are not willing to do the task we have to do, we are trying to delay, to postpone it – but the book shows that these actions call throw us away from our success, from our wellness and can kill our productivity. The hardest and the most integral part of the work is to motivate yourself into action. So, let’s follow the rule: “Well begun is half done”.

Also, as it is shown in the book, we don’t have to do all the amount of work, of tasks, as only 20% of our activity gives 80% of our results, so we need to outline the most important part and pay more attention to that part. I was really surprised by the highlighted importance of planning. It appears almost everywhere in the book. It is emphasized hundred times that a good plan, a what-to-do list, a list of tasks – whatever – is vital for you being highly productive. One more useful hint I’ve caught from the book – is that we should be careful and attentive while choosing prior tasks – as by choosing only 3 integral tasks you can have 90% of your work done at once. Looks like magic. The book is really motivating and makes you believe that each challenge is achievable, the only condition is the wise distribution of time, power and the amount of work. There are such methods and recommendations as “Upgrade your key skills”, “ Leverage your special talents”, “Identify your key constraints”, “Put the pressure on yourself”, “Maximize your personal powers” – which can not only to increase your working abilities and productiveness, but also are great in helping you to know yourself better, to improve your personal traits of character or even to transform yourself into a brand new, better, more successful, confident and really powerful.

So, my conclusion is the following: there is no better time than now to start changing the way we used to cope with challenges, the way and methods we deal with important tasks.

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