Review Of Diary Of Anne Frank

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

Why people so angry? After all, we all love something. The life of 13-year-old Anna was completely carefree, but one day everything changed. Her father – respectful Otto Frank – decided to leave Germany with his family and move to Amsterdam. A few months after the relocation of the family, the Netherlands falls under the occupation of the fascists, and all Jews are in danger. Understanding the degree of threat, Otto finds for himself, his wife and two daughters a small shelter located in one of the buildings on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Now they have to huddle in a small room with other Jews, trying not to attract attention. To the younger daughter was not sad, the father gives her a birthday diary, and Anna immediately begins to keep detailed records of what is happening around.

Firstly, this film, for my huge respect, not about war! As a student of IR, I read and watched so many detailed books and movies about WWI and WWII, the authors every time give little place to the people. How? Easy, they do not highlight how many people died, psychologically destroyed, what they felt, thought – this list can be so long. So about a movie, Director Hans Steinbichler focuses mainly on the experiences of Anna herself, so long monologues in the camera, take almost the main place. The outside world remains behind the walls of the shelter. No atrocities or murders, no panic or screams on the street, only the curtains hanging from the windows and the quietly murmuring radio. Trying to occupy her thoughts with anything except her difficult position, Anna finds rest and a real shelterrefuge in her diary. Thoughts about growing up, about the boy Peter, whose family huddled with them, the victims, about the world, suddenly became so unpredictable and scary, about their fears and hopes. . . about their lives, which runs the risk of breaking off at any moment.

Sometimes there moments that illogical: daily life of people does not suit for their conditions, singing hymn after hearing good news, allow themselves to argue and swear loudly, abuse light in the dark. Also from logically perspectives it is tremendously hard to understand Anne. Why is she acting like this? Why she so unfair to her parents, especially to her mother? There we can question her a lot. But sometimes we are not able to see the big picture, if try to understand a girl that want to discover the world, examine feelings that she never met and at the same time thinking about a situation that experiencing the world- we are getting of the point.

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