Restriction In Marriage In The Story Of An Hour

April 24, 2020 by Essay Writer

Kate Choppin shows the theme of restriction in marriage. it is true that marriage link and connects people together however people lose their freedom after they get married. important historical context to keep in mind about this work is that it was published in 1894.

women did not have many rights during this period in history. Chopin used of literary realism reflect society, women did not have the right to pick whom they would get married. The idea of restrictions within marriage is shown in the beginning, Choppin states Mrs.mallard was afflicted with a heart trouble great care was taken to break her as gently as possible the news of her husband’s death ( Paragraph 1).

Through the author’s diction, the reader noticed how she is being referred to as Mrs.mallard because she is married to Brentley Mallard. For the rest,,of the text, she is frequently referred to as Louise she since Mrs.Millard get to be her individual self if her husband passed away. The heart symbolizes love in many cultures, in the beginning, the author states that she has heart trouble. reading this should give the reader the idea that the heart issues directly connect to the restrictions within her marriage relationship. After she found out that her husband is no longer alive she yelled Free free free all sort of days… Would be her own ( Paragraph 11+19). she feels alive as blood rush through her body and pulses increase.

Mrs.mallard finds the opportunity to live the rest of her life for herself. she looks forward to all the individuality and freedom. however, as she sees brently walk through the doors she collapsed from disappointment. She realizes that the happy life that she was hoping and dreaming of is no longer available as if life is being taken out of her. the ending of the story is very ironic since a person should be happy knowing that someone they love is not dead.

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