Religion in the United States’ History and Laws Essay

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The Importance of Article III of the Massachusetts Constitution of 1780 to Worshipers

Since the year 1631, the General Court of the United States under the support of Rogers Williams required that; if a person was not a congressionalist, he/she was not allowed to vote. In addition to that, it was reinforced that any person setting up a city or town was to build two congregational churches and support the two ministers of those churches. People felt it was unfair and mostly those of other religious beliefs. In 1691, this rule extended its support to the protestant churches but not the Catholic Church. In 1779, the Pittsfield town sent a congregational minister from a congregational church and a Baptist Minister from a Baptist church to go and represent them and fight for their rights in the constitutional convention held in Massachusetts.

They presented the people’s request, and Article III was formulated. In the constitution, there was a statement that stipulated that, at all times, parishes, towns, societies of different religions and political parties should have a right of electing a public teacher or representative of their own for their maintenance and support. This constitutional stipulation meant that people had a right to elect a minister of their own choice to minister for them the word of God. This law aimed at reducing the chances of applying tribalism, racism, and other forms of discrimination when it comes to choosing a minister for any given church.

In addition to that, Article III stated that any Christian dominion is humbling itself in a peaceful way, and with an objective that is good to the Commonwealth, the law shall give it equal protection. Apart from choosing a minister of their own choice, this constitution also gave the public the freedom to set up churches of their own choice as long as they were for worship and prayer. This step taken by the court of law gave all people freedom of worship without fear as it assured them of protection by the law.

From that time henceforth, the residents of Massachusetts attained freedom of worship. This was despite a person’s religious background, and therefore, Catholic Churches also found their way into Massachusetts. Christianity was, therefore, fully protected and supported by the law in that worshipers were no longer threatened by leaders and powerful religions. Even if this step was aimed at protecting and supporting congregationalism in Massachusetts, it ended up benefiting all the Christians in Massachusetts.

The truth about Justice Brewer’s opinion in the Holy Trinity Church vs. the United States (1892)

It is true that Justice Brewer’s opinion regarding the Holy Trinity Church v. the United States in the year 1892 was indeed a fundamental truth. Justice Brewer, in his opinion, claimed that the “United States of America is a Christian nation.” This was criticized by most people who claimed that it was an “aberration” and “conceited,” but later the whole truth was revealed. There existed a case which was referred to as “Holy Trinity CHURCH vs. The US”. The constitution of the United States of America stipulated that any partner, organization or individual shall not be allowed to hire/import a foreign alien or employee to perform any labor related service for this shall be against the law of the United States of America.

In the year 1887, a Holy Church in New York, hired a clergyman who came from England and thus based on the US law, this was seen as an unlawful act. As such, the office of the Attorney General of US challenged the act. This case finally reached the United States of America’s Supreme Court. A decision was in that case to be made regarding this act; it was important to establish if it was unlawful or lawful. The US Supreme Court did not give its criticism as pertaining to the constitution that abolished importation of any foreign alien or employee. This was because; it was people’s voice that led to the implementation of that constitution.

The decision had to be made and this was to confirm Brewer’s statement pertaining-to US and Christianity. To defend the United State’s standpoint in Christianity, the US Supreme declared that the law did not aim at abolishing religiously strong-willed people of God from coming to minister in the United States. The Supreme Court declared that, the law that prohibited importation or hiring of any foreign employee or alien was mainly to preclude the labor that was cheap and regarded as slavery by the law. This is to finalize that the New York Trinity Church did not go against the law of the states.

The above decision of the US Supreme Court affirms that Brewer’s opinion pertaining to US and Christianity is indeed true; US is indeed a Christian Nation. If it were not that United States of America was a Christian Nation, it would have considered its law more than God. As a result of its Christianity virtue, the Supreme Court of US made a final declaration stating that, no action that is religion related would be attributed to the existing legislation or nation since these are religious people.

Tocqueville argue that due to the pervasiveness of Christianity in America “morality is everywhere the same.” Based on the US situation between1840 to 1890:

Tocqueville was right when he stated that due to the Christianity pervasiveness in the United States of America, “morality is everywhere the same”. This was a true declaration based on the dynamic experiences and the state of affairs in the United States of America between the year 1840 and 1890. Tocqueville is one of the American citizens who came up with more than thirty quotes where more than three-quarter of them were about human morality which mainly focused on the United States citizens. By the year 1840, slavery in the United States of America had prevailed to a very high level. Many people were forcefully taken from their families as slaves from other continents and they were cruelly treated. They were not handled as human beings because human rights were not taken into account. Abraham Lincoln took over the presidency post in the Northern America and talked to the American citizens about the issue. They understood his point and agreed to work together as one to stop slavery in the United States. Thus, Tocqueville was right when in one of his quotes he declared that, Americans are highly devoted to enhancing equality in that they would rather be equal as slaves than live in freedom in a nation where there is discrimination of people from different ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds.

It must have been because of pervasiveness that prevails in the United States of America that enabled its citizens to realize that all people are equal; practicing of slavery is a sin. This is written in Christian Bible that all people are equal before God. Another way, through which the citizens of the United States of America tried to bring about equality, is through shifting from agricultural production which was a labor intensive economic activity to industrialization which was a more mechanized economic activity. The citizens of the United States of America realized that indeed agricultural productions and mostly plantation farming was very labor exhaustive economic activity which would cause the farmers to look for cheap labor and this would promote concealed slavery; they decided to shift from agricultural production to industrialization. This was a sacrifice made by the American citizens in attempt to control what they termed as human racial discrimination. Thus the truth about the quote of Tocqueville is revealed to the whole world.

In addition, the quotes by Tocqueville states that, America’s greatness lies in being enlightened more than any nation and not in its ability to make corrections on faults made in the past. In addition to that, he quotes that, the Americans put together their notions of liberty and religion in an intimate way in their minds and this makes it very possible to tolerate anything solely without relying on one another. The Americans realized their faults in discriminating other races as their slaves and corrected them through establishment of antislavery act which prohibited any individual or organization from importing any foreign person as an employee or alien.

Religious Orthodox in USA and its effects

Religious Orthodox is an act where people form a group and form their own religious beliefs and strengthen them through one way or another and it aims at overturning the existing religion. This is a case on what is currently happening in the United States of America. Religious Orthodox in the United States of America constitutes mainly of youths. The existence of religious orthodoxy in the United States of America was facilitated by the outsiders and those who are religious minorities. These are people who fought very hard to prosper in their attempts to develop churches and Christian related businesses such as publishing books for commercial purposes.

After failing to prosper in their attempt to establish their own Christian service centers, they decided to start opposing the existing religion. This was also supported by the existing idle youths in the United States of America who did not engage in Christianity. They later engaged in religious orthodox as a way of establishing themselves. The members of religious orthodox have formed internet websites through which they are informing people about their beliefs and their foundations. Schools and colleges are the main places where youths are found and therefore, the supporters and establishers of the religious orthodox in the United States of America build their foundations in schools and in colleges.

This type of religion has developed considerably in the United States. The research carried out confirmed that the religious orthodox has produced a map indicating the coverage of their religion. The research has proven that practices of religious orthodoxy are not aimed at promoting devoutness but their self-seeking intention is to oppose the existing religions. This attempt might be very influential to the future generations in the entire globe because youths are the future backbone of the society and anything attached to youths is likely to prosper without challenges. This implies that the existing Christianity religion might diminish at any given time. The members of the American Religious Orthodox have a worshiping quote that stipulates that, “Before Thy Cross, we bow down and worship, O Master!”

The reason behind the decision pertaining-to Cantwell v. Connecticut in 1940

This case was associated with religion and the nation at large because it was about preaching the word of God and at the same time conflicting with the established demands. The case looked easy at first since other judges that were involved in the process of making judgment rushed without considering other clauses in the United States of America’s constitution. When the appeal was subjected to the court of law it was affirmed that there were mistakes made by the prior judges. The claim that the members of Jehovah witness were breaking the law by referring to the Catholic religion as “Enemies,” was not considered during the collection of information that was given to the Supreme Court. This was an unfair act done by the first judiciary system.

The case was well resolved when the Supreme Court declared that Christianity issues should be handled under the religious rules and regulations put in place by Christians and not by people in the states. This happened when the appellants of Jehovah Witness claimed that the judgment that was made was ungodly. This could have taken a lot of time because the constitution had to be amended in order to address Christianity issues and other issues concerning the general public and emerge as a national constitution. As a result, the law was divided in that Christianity was later separated from the national law. This was to some extent regarded by many who expected United States of America (as it is referred to by the inhabitants and early speakers as a Christian Nation) to be guided by Godliness through constitution and other things.

Without a doubt, if the word of God can be applied in the constitutional amendment or national regulatory system, many issues can be solved effortlessly. Nevertheless, people who break the law would use the word of God as a cover-up when on the other hand they are oppressing other people or violating human rights. For that reason, the decision had to take a longer time because both Christianity and the United States Supreme Court had to consider various issues and see if the laws conquered or not. After a long time of consideration it was realized that Christianity and the laws of the Supreme Court of the United States of America cannot be tied together. This is the reason as to why the decision was made in-that the laws of Christianity were to be separated from the laws of the Supreme Court of the United States. From that time henceforth, issues pertaining to Christianity had to be handled differently from those pertaining to breaking the laws of the Supreme Court. The role of the Supreme Court of the United States of America under Article III of the constitution is to protect members of different religions.

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