Reflection On The Book Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

January 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

The book “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave” is written by Frederick Douglass himself. In this very book, Frederick Douglass has discussed the manner in which the society behaved in that period when going through a slavery phase. This book caters the years of 1817 or 1818 and the main purpose of the writer was to express the time of slavery that he had faced during that particular phase. The author wants to bring awareness about the act of slavery that occurred during that phase and the manner in which the white slave holders treated their slaves. The writer wants to show the manner in which the slaves were oppressed by the rule of the white people and how ignorant they were left in the society. The author accomplished his goal and motive of bringing awareness in the readers regarding the manner in which the society of America was influenced by the concept of slavery and the hardships that the slaves had to face in order to earn a living in those times.

Frederick Douglass was able to change his destiny by having self-determination for educating himself. Though the conditions around him were not ideal and he was taken as a slave but still he did not give up hope and therefore proved himself different from the rest of the slaves. Also, because Frederick Douglass was an African-American social reformer, orator, writer and statesman, therefore his work has gained immense importance as well has been taken as a source of motivation for many black Americans. The depiction of Douglass’s ethical character is done by showing that despite of all the hardships and sufferings he has faced, he never ever took over the wrong side to attain his objectives. He has always been destined in his actions to attain what was right through right moral path.

This book is definitely a piece of motivation for the black Americans who still take pride in Frederick Douglass for showing them a strong will power and determination. Frederick Douglass’s examples are still quoted in today’s world that showed that there is no such thing as impossible and even a slave can stand up for his own rights. The writer has very well explained his experience and the trauma that he went through but not even once does he show to seek sympathy from the reader, instead he remained steadfast towards attaining his goals and proving his capabilities. His strong will power and determination has been seen throughout the reading which helps to give courage and motivation to the black people who still face ill treatment in the American society.

This book states a tale about a black slave and this tale is being told by the slave himself, therefore this very book holds a lot of importance and significance in the U.S history. Even today the African Americans are struggling for gaining their rights and recognition in the American society, therefore this story of Frederick Douglass provides them with a sense of hope and aspirations which is required to boost their courage and self-esteem. This very book shows the hardships and the struggles that Frederick Douglass went through being a slave and the accomplishments that he made in his life. He showed to set an example for all the people around and showed it to the world that the slaves can also learn and write if they have a strong determination and will power.

His character has been a life changer for me because through his ethical character I have learned the importance of being ethical in nature and through the use of moral ways; it is possible for us to attain the success and fundamental objectives that we have defined for ourselves. He was humiliated, tortured, arrested and subjected to mental and physical violence, but he never ever took over the wrong side in his life which shows us an example that it is possible to attain the positive goals in life through dedication, hardship, struggle and being on the right side no matter how hard the situation might get and no matter how hard the people might get on you.

The lessons of morality I gained from his life could help me to change my perspective into hardships as well. I am able to face challenges through dedication and not being subjected to turmoil and depression no matter how hard the situation might get. I also think that Douglass has been one of those heroic examples who have shown the heroic traits in their everyday life which has been a lifelong process because the position which he has gained in front of the modern people is because of his moral values and the ethical ways to help his black fellow members achieve the required goals in their lives. He has influenced me in many positive ways because through his life, I have learned that people can become successful in their goals and objectives if they remain dedicated and destined to achieve their set goals.

I personally believe that there are many people out there, who leave the right moral path in order to achieve their goals and objectives. Even if they are oppressed and their achievement of goals is needed but this does not means that it allows a person to become unethical or immoral in terms of the means adopted to achieve the end goals. Douglass has shown the right character of morality where his peaceful nature, patience, strong character and high moral values he was able to set an example for others that how one could achieve the due legal rights through peaceful moral ways as well. I have considered him to be a guiding star for me in order to become successful in life and never take on the unethical ways to achieve the end goals.

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