Reflection On The Anne Frank’S Diary

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

Anne’s diary was about all that was going on during the time of the war and how they were hiding from the Nazis in her father’s attic, but the movie really showed me how they were crammed and how their emotions were but the book was just about how everyone felt and that was a little more informational then the movie. I felt really bad after watching the movie and seeing how they had to stay in the concentration camps and getting diseases and dying off so fast. It’s crazy to think how some people can be so crazy to blame a whole race and religion for their defeats and even treat them like animals. Anne and her family didn’t deserve any of that, especially the people who tried to help them live during the war, those people were feeding Anne and her family to keep them in good shape but when they got sent to the camps they looked like skeletons and everyone else at the camps looked the same as them, Anne’s sister Margot died from the disease and only days later Anne died from the same disease and yet the Nazis didn’t even care they called it the final solution when the Jews didn’t do anything to them even Otto Frank served with the Germans and fought beside them in the German Army. It’s crazy that they marked them like they were animals with those tattoos Anne and all her friends and family had to go through all that pain when they did nothing to deserve working at a concentration camp and catch illnesses.

The most messed up thing about the holocaust is that the Nazis used gas chambers to kill off Jews and try to burn all the bodies to get rid of all the evidence when the allies liberated the camps, Mr. Frank even saw his own friend get taken to the gas chambers. Anne had her friend toss over food for her and her sick sister. Anne’s sister later died from the sickness and Anne would soon die the same way because she was trying to take care of her sister and keep her alive and all the other Jewish people were stealing socks off of Margot’s dead body and that is really messed up. The movie got me more worried about what happened because it showed Anne getting her hair cut off and getting a tattoo of a dumb number. Inside of Anne’s diary she had things saying that she wanted to be a nurse and other things like that but because Adolf Hitler didn’t like Jewish people he had to turn to them and say that they were the cause of world war one.

Anne’s mother died at the hospitals that they kept the sick people before they died. Anne had a good life before all of the Germans went crazy, Anne had all these hopes and dreams and when one crazy leader decides to blame a whole race on something that the Germans did. I am happy that I learned about Anne because if something like the Holocaust ever happened again maybe people will think about Anne and with her people might be less racist like Adolf Hitler because he just hated Jews because of world war one when they had nothing to do with it, good thing Mr. Frank lived and made the Foundation that educated people about hating another race and why you should never hate someone for who they are and if Hitler never was a racist man Germany probably could have joined our allied powers and all of the world would be fine and not really anybody would want to start another war because maybe next time the people who want to think about making another Holocaust will think what it would be like for them to be in there and going through all that pain Anne and her family would have made something out of them selves Anne could have became a Nurse that she wanted to be but the Nazis ruined that and all the Holocaust survivors have to live with those tattoos that remind them of those times around the Holocaust, but I am happy I learned about Anne and the Holocaust because it makes me look at life a little different and should make everyone get along and love each other for who they are.


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