Reflection on Great Expectations and the Moral of the Story

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

From the supporting details here you can tell that Pip’s life is not so easy after all, he deals with convicts, his busing sister, his parent’s death, and making sure he is not harmed or beaten by his sister. So from what you can read about Pip and the convict you can tell that the convict had been touched by Pip’s kindness and wants to protect him. Later in the story things get interesting with mystery, drama, and heartbreak. Pip wakes up in the morning and is greeted by Joe, who tells him he has been invited to Mrs. Havisham’s house to play with Estella.

Now these two characters are very questionable and mysterious, they are rich and live in a mansion- like home. Mrs. Havisham is our heartbreak in this story, she is always in her wedding gown, all her clocks are set to a certain time, her house looks like a wedding parlor, and she still has her wedding cake! Now here is where you begin to question… Who is she? Why is she dressed up as a bride? Why are all the clocks set to a certain time? Why does she still have her wedding cake!? Well if you can question that much, imagine Pip’s shock.

Mrs. Havisham’s backstory is that she was a bride at a wedding but her fiancée left her, never came to the wedding, and as she was getting ready for the ceremony… She got a letter saying that her fiancée died of fright in the middle of the forest, she was heartbroken and she can’t let go of the pain. Well here’s a good time to say the vows “ Till death do we part” isn’t in Mrs. Havisham’s vocabulary book , she can’t let go and the reason all the clocks are set to a certain time is because that is the time she was getting ready and got the letter. Estella is just as mysterious, she is Mrs. Havisham’s “daughter” who was brought to her door in a box at only two years old. Her real mother I am thinking about when her character appears. Another character named Molly had a daughter but she was taken away at age two by a rich lady… Can two and two connect? Mrs. Havisham has a dream for revenge against another man to make him feel the pain that she felt in her heart. But she was far to old, so who to swipe in her place… Estella! She was plotting to make Pip fall in love with Estella but when Pip truly loves her, she will leave him to rot just like Mrs. Havisham’s fiancée did to her. She is trying to bribe Pip into loving Estella even though Estella is annoyed by it, but Pip tries to be a gentleman through and through.

Pip has a hard life with heartbreak, convicts, and tricks inhabiting his long ,long abyss of things to do. But even though he is treated with disrespect and hate, he tries to continue being a gentleman even though it an be very hard at times. Pip goes through a lot of trouble just to make everyone happy and he is trying to hide the way Mrs. Havisham is so she is not embarrassed about how she can’t let go of her man. The main idea of this story is Pip’s life, what he has to go through, what he sees, and most importantly… What he does about it. His mother and father aren’t there to help him so he has to have self-determination and believe in the future or stay positive. The moral of the story is read out loud and clear, that no matter what happens…. Don’t give up and stay positive in your actions, everything will work out in the end.


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