Reflection On 9/11 In Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

9/11 is one of the worst moments in history that American people faced. It caused the deaths for many people of many nationalities that left an impact that people lost their loved once. This impacted the families that lost one of them, it caused many social problems for the family and it caused a lot of pain for them, Jonathon Safran was affected by that accident especially because it covered many details, so he decided that he will write about the accident but from his point of view so it is a first-person point of view, a kid losing his dad during 9/11 and he tries to get any clue because he thinks that his dad left him some clues that will make Oskar find him, he found a lot of clues starting from the key until the envelope, and the map and it ended up by the kid knowing that the key belongs for a man that his name is black and it was the same name written on the envelop, so the author was creative in creating that mood of depression that helped the reader to feel everything happening in the story. Therefore, the director’s used the aspects of the characters and theme and setting and the purpose with using his point of view to make the reader get the feeling of how families were like in that accident.

As the movie highlights a lot of themes but the most one that is related for the events of the movie is Love and family, as it is one of themes that were in the movie “extremely loud and incredibly close” as the love that Oscar gave his father made him to believe after his father death that he is still alive, after he finds the key in the vase it gave him some hope that he is getting close to his dad, as he had a strong relationship between him and his dad, as the setting of the movie is on 9/11/2001 in Manhattan in new york city.

The author was creative in creating the characters traits and the character looks, the author connected all the characters creatively, from Oscar Schell the main character that is nine years old protagonist of extremely loud and incredibly close. He is an intelligent, eccentric and clever young boy that is an inventor and amateur entomologist. He shows that he is intelligent and clever by doing things that is beyond the average of nine years old might have, like building many ideas and searching for any clues as possible to just find out what is the key about, he went to a lot of places and that shows that he is independent young boy. He had a lot of clever ideas, such as ambulance that alert passerby to the severity of their passengers, also he trust strangers like going with the black women to her husband that is in another country, he makes friends easily although he doesn’t have friends at his same age, he is a socialized person cause he went to people he didn’t know and went to their house and talk to more than 400 strangers.

Oskar’s mother, Linda Schell, she is Oscars mother, she cares for her family greatly, after her husband died she tells to Oskar that she won’t love again, as she knew that Oskar is running around and meeting many strangers she didn’t stop him because she wants him to know more about his father. As Oskar’s grandmother is women that really care about Oskar and she tries as much as she can to protect him, every time she talks to Oskar about how is he, he answers by” I am okay”. MR A. Black is an old man in age; he used to live in the same apartment building with Oskar but he and his wife broke up and he went to another country and he is a rich man that has his own business and he cries when he knows that Oskar father was dead and he then start to think about anything to help Oskar like taking the key and going to the bank and if it is money he will take half of the amount but Oskar moved crying. Oskar’s grandmother, Thomas Schell Sr. from my point of view he is the most important character in the story although he doesn’t speak he answers the questions by yes or no and it is like a tattoo on his hands, he got a small book that he writes phrases that he cannot answer with yes and no, he marries Anna’s younger sister (Oskar’s grandmother). Abby Black is William Black’s ex-wife, she is 48 years old and she lives alone, she is friendly and welcoming to Oskar in her house however she didn’t accept Oskar’s kiss and she helped him, in the end, to know William Black that the file belongs for him and she was from the important characters, she cries a lot when she talks about her life and that shows how she suffered a lot. Oskar’s father, Thomas Schell, dies before the events of the novel starts although all the events were built on his death accident as he organizes a lot of expeditions for Oskar that made him start his journey about the key.

The authors purpose of extremely loud and incredibly close is because the author wanted to show how the accident affected the child that lost one member of their family, he wanted to show how child has a different point of view that adults, the director uses the images and the movie to show the mathematics of Oskar Shell mind and the mind of most of the child’s in his same age. Extremely loud and incredibly close movie is a first point of view but the author was creative in showing to us that the story is about Oscar but he includes his grandparents that have their own stories and that isn’t related to Oscar but that combination made a reflection about the problems that happened but from a different time but with the same consequences.

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