Redemption Through Mercy in Just Mercy, a Book by Bryan Stevenson

June 7, 2021 by Essay Writer

Just mercy is an extraordinary book, it’s a very powerful truthful story mostly about getting potential for mercy to redeem us and fix this broken system of justice. Bryan Stevenson is a fearless, strong, wise hero who stood for the right things even when some people did wrong and that’s what mainly stood out to me. Most of all, that’s why I recommend this book because it was very inspirational, challenging, engaging, and vividly written. The book just mercy is a powerful true story that has an impact a people lives. Reason why I say this because as I read just mercy by Bryan Stevenson, Stevenson shares his time of being a lawyer. He wanted to defend those most desperate and in need. Such as the poor, the people who was wrongly condemned or accused of something that they have never done. As Bryan Stevenson continue sharing other people stories on what happened to them and the reason why they were treated wrongly. Stevenson starts to lose his understanding of mercy and justice; Not only Bryan Stevenson but could also see myself I read these stories it had me think as a reader what we when we talk about when we say justice. But no matter how matter how hard the struggle of getting justice for the lives of those he defended, Stevenson never gave up. He always found the negative things such as a long sentencing of some of his clients a positive way and have an inspiring argument for compassion in the pursuit of true justice. As said before, this way I recommend this book because it gives inspiration, challenging, engaging, and vividly written. This is a great read for all ages.

Just mercy was well written but challenging as well. Reason why I say Just Mercy was challenging is mainly because just mercy challenges the reader’s perspective and was very incisive. When reading just mercy there is sometimes difficult words to understand or sometimes a misunderstanding in between the story. In my opinion, I believe this caused a little problem with certain readers such as myself. A reader want a book or an article that’s challenging but still understandable. I felt as that certain passages in the story was misunderstood and was hard to comprehend. Also, this was a minor problem when reading the book, mainly because readers would stop reading and always either ask what does something mean or don’t understand. Other than the minor challenges in the book “Just Mercy” it was still a terrific article and turned out very well.

When reading Just mercy there was a connection with the African American race and very eye opening to understand what was going on. There was racial profiling and African Americans treated wrong and sometimes accused of not doing something they never done before. For example, in the Just Mercy on page 93 there was a young named Michael and he was accused of murder when he was nowhere near the area of the murder but the police accused Michael and had him put on death row. Walter McMillian niece kept explaining how she had been with Michael that following day and was with him all day. The police didn’t listen and had Michael sentence to jail. This made everyone in the family feel insecure about their lives including Walter niece as she states “I feel like they done put me on death row, too” knowing that she is innocent as well as Michael. This is a reason why I say Just mercy is engaging, because it has connections till this day for our young African Americans. The justice system is still doing the same things as they did 20 years ago, also it’s the truth and doesn’t leave any details out on the most important sections in the book.

Finally, the inspiration this book gives to our society today for all ages. It gives the right tone as not to be a follower but a leader as Bryan Stevenson shows. I loved the way Bryan Stevenson shows how negative things can’t stop our lives and to always think positive even when its negative things surrounding you. Stevenson came out of his way of helping others when not needing to and that shows a lot. Its shows to care fr others that’s need help when not asking for it because at the end of the day everyone needs a hand. This really stood out to me throughout the novel mainly because it shows me how to become a better man and I would like to thank Bryan Stevenson for that. So if someone was to ask me is Just mercy a good book to read I will absolutely recommend them to read it because it is a terrific outstanding novel for all ages as said before.

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