Reality of Achilles in “The Iliad” Report

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer

In “The Iliad”, Homer portrays Achilles as a superhero of the Achaean army during the Trojan War. Achilles enjoyed a close relationship with the gods and possessed extraordinary strength although he was dominated by anger and rage. According to the poet, Achilles is a proud, merciless, and brutal warrior who eventually defeats Hector; Troy’s best warrior. The poet wrote the poem between the eighth and ninth Century B.C., several years after the actual Trojan war had taken place. The character of Achilles is real as it is presented in the poem although most of the powers that are portrayed through this character are mere fantasies.

Most researchers reckon that the City of Troy was not fictional. In addition, the Trojan War where Achilles is said to be the main warrior took place. Most of the characteristics that are portrayed in the poem about Achilles are realistic representations of any warrior. He is devoted and loyal towards the people who show him love but he is also brutal towards those who harm either him or his beloved ones. Achilles’ soft and emotional side is portrayed when his friend Patroclus (with whom Achiles had a true and deep friendship) was murdered. Achilles “mourned so bitterly to the extent that he did not accept food or dressing during the war” (Strachan 16).

Achilles’ character is determined to avenge the death of his friend. The main character is also consumed by his emotions. Although the story does not talk about his death, it ends on a positive note where Achilles changes his heart, his rage fades, and his immense anger at Agamemnon diminishes. All these developments are a testament to the reality of Achilles’ character. Additionally, even though Achilles and Priam remain enemies, their enmity becomes more respectful and noble. This latter situation portrays the main hero as a real character with real emotions hence the reality of Achilles in “The Iliad” is determinable.

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