Ray Bradbury’s Attitude To Technological Advancement In His Short Story The Veldt

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

As the innovation of technology is rapidly expanding, man-kind is more likely to depend on it. In the near future robots will eventually encircle individuals across the globe and one can only imagine what will be down the road. If humans are not cautious, then technology will eventually consume humanity. From an author’s perspective Ray is concerned about the future and illustrated the short story “The Veldt” to express his emotions on technological advancement. “The Veldt” is a cautionary piece of writing that demonstrates how the Hadley family relationships have been destroyed due to the impact of technology which replaced interactions of affections. The theme/message Bradbury conveys about technology on children and parents is that you should not be overly attached to technology, otherwise it can lead to negative effects like replacing human connections between loved ones and dissatisfaction in life.

Bradbury proves in his writing that technology destroys a family bond and could never replace it. When the overuse of technology occurs people tend to lose relationships and emotions regardless of the objective. In the case of “The Veldt” Peter and Wendy were stuck in this situation and neglected the connection with their parents instead of the nursery. This is because the kids feel more affection towards the house and nursery due to spending more time with it than their actual parents. Textual evidence to support this argument is David Mc Clean said to the Hadley’s “You’ve let this room and this house replace you and your actual wife in your children’s affections. This room is their mother and father, far more important in their lives than their real parents.” Wendy and Peter did not have to rely on their parents to do their responsibilities because the house did everything for them. The children drifted from their suppliers and the house did essentially everything for them. So, it informs us as a human being in this society we can not hide away from our duties and responsibilities and leave them up to robots. Another piece of textual evidence found in this story is “Don’t let them switch off the nursery” said george. The impact of technology has been so powerful their house brought them to thought it was their actual parents. This is the mistake Mr. and Mrs. Hadley made it because they never bonded with their children. Leaving the children no option but to be accompanied by the house.

Another argument to support my thesis is that misusing technology can lead to dissatisfaction in life. The Hadleys’ family received happiness from costly products that proved them wealthy. The Happy life home which had clothed and fed and rocked them to sleep and sang made them very reliant on it. But rather than happiness, it created the exact opposite effect and the family felt unsatisfied. A piece of evidence from this text to support my claim is “But nothings too good for our children” George had said. This meant George and Lydia felt like they have not done their best as parents causing dissatisfaction and spoiled them with technology not thinking of the negative consequences. Another quote is “I don’t want to do anything but look smell; What else is there to do ” replied Peter to his parents. The house and nursery, created a bubble sue to do everything for them and blinded them from seeing the real world. It taught Mr. and Mrs. Hadley that “parenting is more than occupying your children with technology.”The story’s conclusion conveyed the message which was not overly attached to technology. Bradbury demonstrated to his readers what happens when you misuse technology in the conclusion. The children were mad at the parents from locking up the nursery and them to die. The room is recognized for granting what the children thought. Because they were so mad at them, the first thought that came to their mind was death. So, they simulated an Arfrican Veldt which caused the death of George and Lydia. The author created a message that technology fulfills people’s needs by creating convenience and happiness but for the Hadley’s because they misused this innovation it led them to their death and destroyed their relationship with their children.

As expressed by Ray Bradbury technology has its dangerous effects and too much of anything is not good for anyone. Technology is convenient but it can consume your life and should be monitored to control the usage of influence that tech has on your life as a whole If the parents of Wendy and Peter prevented the overuse of technology then matters would have not turned around. Overall technology does not make one’s life easier but leads to an unsatisfied life. 


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