Racism Issue and Solutions Research Paper

October 14, 2020 by Essay Writer

Diversity Problem I Would Like to Study

Racism is “a social malpractice characterized by discrimination and prejudice against individuals of different racial groups” (Koppelman, 2013, p. 12). I have always wanted to explore the subject of racism because it affects many people in every corner of the world.

Racism in My Community and Life

I have encountered several acts of racism in my community. Many people from different racial groups have failed to join the best schools because of racism. A friend of mine has encountered different forms of discrimination in several convenient stores and learning institutions. Most of my friends and classmates have raised similar concerns because of racism.

Solutions in Our Virtual Problem for this Problem

Owusu-Bempah, K., & Howitt, D. (2002). Addressing Cultural Diversity, Addressing Racism. The Psychologist, 15(6), 293-295.

This article offers some of the best ideas towards dealing with racism in our society. According to this article, every citizen should appreciate diversity instead of promoting racism. Employees should demonstrate the best practices to deal with racial discrimination (Owusu-Bempah & Howitt, 2002). The government should also embrace better policies and education initiatives. Such measures will ensure every society deals with racism.

Solutions from the Internet

D’Andrea, M., & Daniels, J. (2007). Dealing with Institutional Racism on Campus: Initiating Difficult Dialogues and Social Justice Advocacy Interventions. The College Student Affairs Journals, 26(2), 169-176.

The article “Dealing with Institutional Racism on Campus: Initiating Difficult Dialogues and Social Justice Advocacy Interventions” explains how different institutions and societies can deal with this diversity challenge. According to D’Andrea and Daniels (2007), social justice advocacy groups are relevant towards dealing with this challenge. Such groups and learning institutions should initiate difficult dialogues about the problem of racism among administrators, students, and faculty members (D’Andrea & Daniels, 2007, p., 169). Such discussions and dialogues will minimize these prejudices and eventually deal with racism.

Solutions in Our American Media

Perry, I. (2014, March 12). The Risk of Playing Down Racism. The New York Times, p. 5.

This article explains why racism has become a pervasive problem in our country. Racism “affects different areas such as policing, education, health care, housing, and employment” (Perry, 2014, p. 5). This problem will end “after our society begins to support its creed” (Perry, 2014, p. 5). The government should provide equal protection and happiness to every person. The country should embrace new policies to deal with this diversity issue. People should become keepers of their friends, neighbors, and workmates to deal with racism.

Creative Ideas to Solve this Problem

The problem of racism has remained a major challenge in our country. American society should begin by looking back to understand the dangers of racism. The next step is embracing better policies and regulations that will protect every citizen from racism and discrimination (Spring, 2012). Every institution and criminal justice departments should discourage acts of prejudice or discrimination. The government should use different awareness programs to inform its citizens about the dangers of racism.

Being Part of the Solution

I am planning to use my new skills and ideas to deal with racism. I will begin by walking the talk in my school, community, and society. I will encourage my friends to live in harmony and embrace the best interracial relationships. I will use several awareness programs to discourage racism.

My Feelings about What I Have Learned About Racism

Racism remains a major challenge in our country. It affects every person from a minority racial group. I have also gained new ideas about dealing with this diversity challenge. Our societies should embrace new policies and ideas to reduce the level of discrimination (Spring, 2012). I will also read more articles and books to understand every issue associated with racism.

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