Racism in To Kill a Mockingbird Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

Black people in Maycomb are treated as they have broken the law even though they are innocent. Much like Mockingbirds, black people only have good intentions, and having done nothing they are treated as criminals. The hate against blacks is driving the town’s economy down along with its reputation. With people needing jobs in town, if black people got a chance they could create companies and generate more jobs. This event would pull Maycomb out of poverty and would also strengthen bonds between residents.

With blacks now working for equal pay, they can use their money at local shops which would help keep cash circulating. “I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.” (Lee 231).

Scout responds to Jem separating people into groups when he talks about them, and scout responds by explaining that there is just one group of people and that all people are in it. People in Maycomb are born and raised into separating others and themselves into groups.

They may become too scared or ashamed of themselves to go out in public, and with twenty-seven percent of residents in Alabama being black, racism comes with a cost of less economic inflation. With less blacks on the market, local businesses have a harder time growing, so in their best interest they would treat others with the utmost respect. But, farmers don’t see it this way, thinking that blacks would only drive out customers, they come to the conclusion that keeping them out is the best idea.And with twenty-seven percent of consumers aren’t there to make purchases growing moves in the opposite direction of Mom-and-Pop shops. Even if we assume that fifteen out of the twenty-seven percent of blacks still buy from these local shops, around six hundred business opportunities are still lost. If an everyday item costs only six dollars and fifty cents MSRP, and is bought by the seller for four dollars, the seller would lose fifteen hundred dollars in the process, but you have to keep in mind that a shop doesn’t sell just one product.

If an average Walmart has forty-three million dollars of stocked shelves then it is safe to assume that an IGA or even a gas station shop would have at least one million dollars of stock. With 1 million dollars of stock and each item losing one thousand and five hundred dollars, it is clear that bankruptcy isn’t far. Even if a shop sells just one item and it loses fifteen hundred dollars the owner is losing that money out of pocket. If a business owner loses just four hundred dollars on a bad day, worry is far from their mind, but with an under educated farmer running a shop loses this a thousand dollars a day worry is the first thing in a landlord’s eye. With negative sloping profits it is easy to see why a renter would be kicked out.

A leaser would be able to assume that they won’t be able to pay rent, meaning that they’re bad for business, so the renter is kicked out and the leaser loses a customer. The default belief, that is imposed by bad parenting and racist civilians, that different people are criminals, and malevolent, starts a vicious cycle of poverty that cannot be stopped. With millions of blacks in Alabama and millions of people instigating racism, towns are driven into the dirt. Many people in Maycomb assume that blacks are no good for the society and throw them to the curb, but it is them who are not good for society. With families starving, and children growing skinnier and skinnier as the days go by, racism still stands. How can one be so strongly discriminatory in such dire times? While families perish a simple solution reveals itself, much like a polar bear on top of a glacier would see a seal sliding in front of them, the only difference is, the bear makes a change. The residents of Maycomb, Akabama drive the economy into the ground, only by being racist.


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