Promotion of Racism in US Through Sports Essay

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The United States of America is one of the nations occupied with people from different minor races apart from the whites. The dominant minor groups include the Indians (Native Americans or red Indians), the African Americans, and the Hispanics among others. Unfortunately, the issue of racism, discrimination, and oppression of the minor races has existed since the slavery times.

The whites in the US, sadly, perceive the minor groups as poor, unintelligent, and ugly among others. Contemporarily, the minor groups and other human rights groups are fighting to end the reign of racism in the US. Although the rate of racism has declined, the American people have adopted other sophisticated means of racism like identification of sports teams, sports attires, college names and other symbols to continue practicing the vice indirectly.

The Promotion of Racism through sports

As aforementioned, the Indian Americans is the dominant minor race that exists in the United States of America. The group practices its culture through sports and other activities while in America. Sadly, the sports teams of the Indian groups with the non-Indians differ drastically through naming.

Ward posits, “The American Indians have protested the use of native names, symbols, and images as sports teams’ mascots” (439). The practice not only promotes indirect racism, but also undermines the American Indians in their own country. For instance, the government and other public institutions practice the vice of racism when they identify the race of teams in sports.

The demeaning identification of the natives not only promotes racism, but also leads to unrest because the minor races join hands to protest against the government. However, the government and other media personnel are quick to defend their intention, as only enhancing ‘fun’ and not discrimination; therefore, it is not ‘big deal’ (Ward 441).

According to Kwame Tour’e, a leader of the black liberation, racism was thought to be outdated; consequently, the majority became self-satisfied by believing blindly that racism was dead and buried. Therefore, the aspect of racism still exists in the contemporary American society even though some people are quick to rebut this fact.

Impact of the racism

The major impact is the break down of communication between the Indians and the whites, which not only lead to tension in a state, but also disunity. Secondly, other minor races like the Blacks also decide to back up the Indians, eventually leading to protests in the country.

Thirdly, according to Churchill “the new racism smiles and insists it is our friend” (Ward 442), which is the same case happening with the American Indians. Thus, to curb racism people in the US have the right to have and identify with similar names while the government should adopt the virtue of equality in all sectors, whether public or private.


The America citizens include the Whites, the Black, the Indians, and the Hispanics. Sadly, the aspect of racism has undergone modification and the American Indians complain about the identification of their sports teams. Although the government and other sport personnel perceive the practice as ‘fun or honor’, they directly offend the American Indians who see it as racism.

Due to racism, there is disunity and poor communication between the minor races and the Whites. Therefore, it is the role of the government not to reopen the healed wounds of racism; is should strive to promote unity among all the citizens.

Works Cited

Ward, Churchill. Fantasies of the master race. San Francisco: City Lights Bookstore, 1998.

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