Pro-Legalization Of Drugs: A Constant Battle

April 28, 2022 by Essay Writer

As it is always a challenge for society to become pro-legalization, drugs have been an epitome example as to why we are always in a constant battle. Countries all over the world have a stand in using illegal drugs and some of them are way, we mean way harsher than others. Just a head’s up, don’t get caught being high in these countries – it might result in death!


You might want to look at if your prescription drugs are legal in Dubai. Because if it’s not, phew, you are in for a ride of your life. It could mean imprisonment of four years and then you get deported from where you came from. Dubai is known for being really strict with their policy. Even failing a drug test could mean death that is, you get incarcerated in broad daylight.


Japan is beautiful, that’s a fact. A country that is rich in culture and a lot of tourists come each year to see its magnificent beauty. One thing you might not know is Japan’s attitude towards illegal drugs. Oh man! How would you feel if you get a random check-up outside a bar to get your urine sample? They do it especially on tourist – the so-called “random screening”. Police will not even wink if you are positive. You get a charge and get imprisoned for decades. Be careful and also check if the drugs that are legal to your country might be illegal to Japan. Even samples of painkiller medicines, over-the-counter antibiotics, and other kinds can be considered as heroin and ecstasy.


Most countries in Asia are intolerant of drugs and Vietnam is no different. The death penalty will be served if you get caught having 1.3 pounds of heroin with you. Although you might get lucky if they don’t get you killed, instead, they’re going to put you into a “rehabilitation camp” for you to get treated. But a lot of locals say rehab camp is just euphemizing what is truly happening in there. It’s not a rehab but a forced labor camp. I don’t know what’s a better choice, would you rather just accept death if you get caught? Or served Vietnam as a slave for the rest of your life? Choose wisely.


With the administration of the country aiming for a drug-free Philippines, the war on drugs has been happening for quite some time now. If you get caught selling, pushing, using illegal drugs in the country, you’ll get killed or detained. But with the lack of rehabilitation institutions and addicts are growing by the numbers, locals doubt it that you’ll get treated if you get into the rehab. There are already 4000+ deaths in the country via raid and bypass operations of the police.


Gums are prohibited in Singapore that could result in brutal cane beating. Imagine what more if you are a drug offender in the country? According to their law, drug abusers can be under a drug rehab for a maximum of 36 months. If you get caught leaving a drug establishment, police can search you and your belongings without a warrant required. The maximum penalty is death if you get positive of a drug possession. Most likely, you’ll die. If not, you are in for a very long prison sentence.

United Arab Emirates

Talking about strict laws, we cannot possibly leave UAE out of the list. I mean, imagine a weed so small, like really small that could not even be seen by a naked eye, and it got stuck somewhere in your shoe or clothing. If the customs in UAE detected even traces of drugs on you, you’ll be sentenced to imprisonment for years. If you are a foreigner, the good news is you might not need to serve the full sentence because they would probably release you before you know it. One thing I can tell you? Be sure to check even the slightest pieces and crumbs in your clothing.


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