Power Of Positive Thinking In “Tim Gunn And A Leaky Shower: Welcome To My Life, Little Guy” By Maggie Downs

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

Tim Gunn and a Leaky Shower: Welcome to My Life, Little Guy Y’Quilla R. Jones Ashford University Positive Thinking “Take responsibility of your own happiness, never put it in other people’s hands.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Is your glass half full or half empty? Such an age-old question but carries so much meaning. Your outer world reflects your inner world meaning the energy, you give your outer world will determine your position, emotions, opinions, and reactions to it. “Tim Gunn and a Leaky Shower: Welcome to My Life, Little Guy,” by Maggie Downs is a narrative that describes the challenges faced by a new mother with little support trying to cope with the stress of life. In this critical respond essay, I will be making a connection between how the author used positive thinking to change this mother’s mindset and how it affected the outcome of her situation. Welcome to My Life In the reading, “Tim Gunn and a Leaky Shower: Welcome to My Life, Little Guy,” discussed how a mother and her newborn son came home and after a few days found that the bathroom needed repairs. Unfortunately, the landlady hired the company with the lowest bid bringing about a long-drawn-out process. Her home became noisy, hot and ” It was not an ideal situation for anyone, let alone a newborn”. Her son no matter how much tried to soothe him cried. The mother was exhausted and sore from her cesarean section and raging hormones. Her asthma flared, and she wheezed while she rocked her child. Her well-intended friends gave her useless advice to “Sleep when the baby sleeps!”. Her husband worked. All this negativity surrounding this new mother would cause anyone to think negative. A way to escape her current situation she turns on the television. “As a means of escape, I turned on old episodes of “Project Runway” and jacked up the volume to drown out the crying and the hammering.” She watched episode after episode all while trying to soothe her child. As she was listening she heard one of the judges make a statement that helped her get through her situation and change her mindset. ”On the TV screen, Tim Gunn advised a designer to listen to his gut” and “Make it work.” She then adopts the “make it work” mentality. She imagined herself having her own Tim Gun. Someone who could inspire her to power through her messy life, although she knew there was no Tim Gunn she realized she had to “make it work”. The advice that was given was more helpful to her in a way that others were unable to help.

Positive thinking is a psychological and emotional state of mind that concentrates on the positive things in life. According to psychology, our mind controls our body. With learning how to how to control your thinking, you can change the way you view a situation other’s may deem as bad. With a great attitude, you generally experience more happiness and lessen your feelings of stress. Maggie Downs described parenting as the ultimate reality show. “It’s about assessing your challenges and transforming them into something manageable.” Everything did not need to be perfect and that meant changing her mindset and making things work! The story “Tim Gunn and the Leaky Shower; Welcome to my Life, Little Guy” was a prime example of what positive thinking can do to help you change a negative situation into positive. The author experienced a troublesome time and concentrated solely on every one of the negatives in her circumstance. When she figured out how to give positive energy toward her negative situation she discovered her voice and overcame this obstacle. Negative emotions tend to narrow your mind and focus your thoughts. Your brain ignores all logical options because they seem irrelevant. As the story progresses readers understand that the constructors have made a few errors from their work and instead of her allowing them to fix the issues she advised them to “Let’s make it work”. Choosing to take all that life has thrown her way and creating a positive outlook helped improve her overall stress levels. When faced with stressful situations, positive thinkers tend to cope more effectively than pessimists. As opposed to harping over things that they can’t control, positive thinker will devise a plan of action.

In conclusion, thinking positively is only the first half of the battle. The other half is turning the positive thoughts into actions. That is where the power comes in. Remember there are lots of benefits that come with positive thing. The next you feel that your situation is the worst you have ever been in think to yourself “Is your glass half full or half empty?”.


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