People’s Attitude to the Death Penalty

January 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

First of all, I would relish to define the death penalty. Death penalty is when someone is put to death utilizing variants of methods, for revolting and life changing crimes such as murder, rape and drug dealing. It is also known as capital punishment, this phrase comes from the Latin word ‘capital’ ‘regarding the head’. So consequently the most socially way of carrying out capital punishment is hanging or decapitating. Albeit many countries forbear utilizing capital penalization, many countries still practice it. Countries like USA, Saudi Arabia, China, etc. still use capital penalization. In my opinion, I personally accede with capital penalization as it engenders a sense of trepidation in the minds of the malefactors, so he/she will celebrate twice afore committing a malefaction. It withal makes the family of the victim get equity and they will be satiated with the decision. If the prisoner is let go of, then he/she will commit the malefaction again without fearing for his/her death. “Equity requires penalizing the censurable even if only some can be penalized and sparing the inculpable, even if all are not spared. Morally, equity must always be preferred to equipollence. Equity cannot ever sanction sparing some censurable person, or penalizing some irreprehensible ones, for the sake of equipollence-because others have been spared or penalized. In practice, penalties could never be applied if we insisted that they can be inflicted on only a censurable person unless we are able to ascertain that they are equipollent applied to all other censurable persons. Anyone habituated with the law enforcement kens that penalizations can be inflicted only on an ineluctable “shudder” cull of the censurable (Bedau, H., 1977).

Irwin Isenberg (1977) verbalized, when you kill a man with premeditation, you do something different than purloining from him. “I favor the death penalty as a matter of equity and human dignity even apart from deterrence. The penalty must be congruous to the solemnness of the malefaction (p. 135).”

Capital penalization varies from country to country, place to place. Some places it is just expeditious decollating or hanging, while in other places, it is plenary of torture and slow death. In religion, me being a Muslim, has to follow the Islamic Sharia’a, which includes capital penalization and it is the cull of the victims family to give capital penalization to the malefactor or not. But only for very solemn malefactions such as ravishment and murder. As verbally expressed in the Quran: “If anyone kills a person- unless it be (a penalization) for murder or for spreading mischief in the land- it would be as if he/she has killed all of mankind. And if anyone preserves a life, it would be as if he preserved the life of all mankind” (Qur’an 5:32).

Additionally, the death penalty could eradicate the quandary of overflowing prisons. If they keep prisoners for life in their prisons, that would betoken providing space for them to stay, pabulum, shelter, habiliments, etc. which would waste an abundance of resources and prison space. The prisoners with life sentences could still kill other prisoners or sentinels while in confinement and could even elude and go on a killing rampage throughout the place. And it is more than fair because the victim was an inculpable human being and had his/her life taken away without having to have his/her last wish or indite his/her will and was killed without any reason. So ergo, why should the malefactor let to live after he/she has taken the life of an inculpable human being? And not giving a death sentence to the malefactor who has killed/ravished another inculpable human being will not be fair as this will show empathy towards the malefactor which is erroneous. It withal averts other inmates in confinement accommodating life sentences from killing more people while in confinement, because if there is no death penalty, then they would keep killing without having anything to lose. Withal the malefaction rate will swell, as the malefactor will not fear death penalty as there is no death penalty and they could go about killing people without having to fear the capital penalization.

On the other hand, Capital penalization designates that they could be taking some irreprehensible persons life without much evidence. For example, a person who is incriminated of doing a major malefaction, but has not authentically done it and cannot prove himself will be put to death for his malefaction. So it takes the lives of inculpable people in infrequent cases and in old ages. But due to the technological advances, DNA testing and other ways of getting evidence can make certain that the inculpated is the authentic malefactor. People additionally verbalize that the death penalty is a troglodytic act, but the malefactor committing the malefaction does not cogitate troglodytic acts while committing the malefaction. But keeping a person in confinement could be more torturous and painful and it would be better for the prisoner to die rather than live in the prison, so then keeping the malefactor in confinement would be a much more rigorous penalization than the death penalty. Withal people who have given up on life and wanting to suicide, can go on a killing rampage and then get sentenced for capital penalization, which is what they optate. So it would be better if they kept them in confinement to not consummate their desire. Other countries which do not utilize the death penalty would have better kindredness of the countries which do not utilize the death penalty.

I would personally concur with the death penalty as it gives a sigh of mitigation to the victim’s family and would deter future major malefactions. This is the most debatable topic in the malefactor equity system. There are many advantages and disadvantages to the death penalty, but if people visually perceive the advantages and disadvantages correctly and have empathy for the victims then, they will fortify capital penalization more. So ergo regarding my precedent arguments, having the death penalty is a better option of accommodating equity in the malefactor equity system, as it will avail curb future malefactors.

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