Paper Towns: The Soul-searching Novel

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

My quarter three SSR book was Paper Towns. The book is about a boy named Quentin and a girl named Margo who live next door to each other. Quentin and Margo used to be great friends when they were younger but as they got older they drifted apart and where not friends anymore. One night, a few weeks before Margo and Quentin graduated from high school, Margo climbs through a window into Quentin’s room. She invites him to go all around town to have the night of his life to help Margo sabotage her old friends for stealing her old boyfriend. With 3 Catfish, vaseline, mountain dew, flowers, tissues, and blue spray paint Margo and Quentin set out on the night of their lives. They stop by all of Margo’s ex friends houses and sabotage them all in some way, and to end the night they break into seaworld just for fun. In the morning Margo is not at school and the day after that her parents say she has ran away. Margo’s parents say this is normal of her to run away and so they are not going to look for her even though she always leaves clues for people to find her. But this does not stop Quentin to look for Margo. He spends every second he has searching for clues that will reveal where Margo might be. He has his friends Ben And Radar help him to. They search Margo’s room, go to abandoned subdivisions, and other abandoned buildings. They find clues that lead them to believe margo is in a paper town.

 A paper town is a fake town created by map makers to protect their copyright with fake streets, houses, and bridges. Lacey one of Margo’s friends said Margo talked about running away to New York. On the day of highschool graduation Quentin sees on a website that the only paper town in the world, Agloe New York, has a population of one until tomorrow at 12:00 pm. He quickly runs to his car and starts to drive to Agloe New York. He calls his friend Radar to let him know what he is doing. Radar says he should come to the high school first where his parents are and explain to them where he is going and why he is missing graduation. Quentin quickly drives to the highschool to talk to his parents. When he is just about to leave his friends Lacey, Ben, and Radar decide to skip graduation too and come with Quentin. They have to hurry though because the drive is over 18 hours and they have to get there before twelve o’clock tomorrow and it is already 4 o clock.  


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