Pamela: The Way She Lives Analytical Essay

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Updated: Jun 8th, 2018

There are a lot of different pieces of work aimed at dwelling upon human virtues and those which criticize those and show how people may behave. Reading Pamela by Samuel Richardson is possible to make a conclusion that the novel is the guide aimed at showing the world that living in the cruel and immoral world it is possible to remain virginal even when it seems that there is no another way out.

The book should be used as a guide for youth who live in the modern world and do not think about their future lives. It is important to read such books as they help think about some particular themes connected with virgin, pride and prejudice.

The main idea of the novel is to show the heroine feelings and emotions, to express her personal attitude and thoughts. The book is written in a form of letters from Pamela to her parents which helps the reader to understand the thoughts of the heroine better and deeper. Letters are used as the dairy as writing those a girl is unable to send them to her parents and she does not know whether she will be able to do it or not.

Such novels must be written as being presented in the forma of the letters from the main character, the reading appears to be as the consideration of the dairy of a person, as something forbidden and as a result more interesting and exciting. Reading diaries of others makes people feel acknowledged about the private life of others. Dwelling upon the main idea of the letters is it important to stress on the moral doubts of a woman.

She understands that her behavior must be strong and she should not submit to the master’s desire, but she also feels that it is strong for her not to obey. However, having read the novel up to the end, I was glad to see that Pamela managed to remain firm in her decision and the marriage she managed to reach was the confirmation that people should always try to follow their desires.

However, comparing and contrasting Pamela by Samuel Richardson with Moll Flanders by Defoe, it is possible to compare and contrast two lives absolutely different and opposite. Moll Flanders, apart from Pamela, was a prostitute, she was in jail, she had to rob, in other words, she did all the things and actions which seemed inappropriate for Pamela. Still, the question appears, whether these women were happy? The conclusion seems obvious.

Each of the heroics was satisfied with the life and was happy during a definite period of life and each of them suffered. Everyone should choose their life positions basing on their inner considerations and firm statements. The examples of these two novels show that people can live as they want, but at the end of their lives they get what they deserve.

Therefore, Pamela by Samuel Richardson and Moll Flanders by Defoe may be used as the guides for those who appear in the situation of tension and choice. When people have to decide whether to be temped for the personal benefit or remain firm, they are to read these two books. As for me, people should follow their inner desire and listen to their inner considerations which were applied to them from childhood.

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