Overcoming Obstacles On The Way To Future Prosperity In The Invisible Man By H.G. Wells

January 12, 2021 by Essay Writer

The course of one’s journey lies in the things that they learn along the way to the destination. Although many may argue otherwise, adversity proves to be a large determining factor into one’s future. In all periods of life, there are hardships that we must all face as children and adults. The real challenge however, is what and how we gain from conquering those trials. Whether it be financial, hardships, or any other relevant hardships that may be a burden on life. But in any scenario, they force one to adapt to the situation by pushing himself and overcoming the adversity presented. By overcoming these obstacles, one is able to develop their character to some degree. Adversity may be painful at the moment, but pain is temporary. Pain will eventually subside, and something else will take its place. Development in character results from change. And change happens either intentionally, or unintentionally. However, when change happens unintentionally, a notable shift in character occurs.

When an unexpected shift in environment occurs, one is forced to adapt in order to thrive at their fullest potential. The Great Depression, a time of financial crisis, forced millions of Americans to reconsider their lives. People were struggling to be financially stable. The Great Depression did not request a response – it demanded it. As a result of the Depression, they had to adapt to the environment given to them, which the people of America had no power over. This adaptation happened through adopting new methods of financial stability. This era created the highest amount of millionaires to be recorded in American history. This shows that even something as daunting as adversity plays a large role in motivation. Without the hardships the presented by The Great Depression, people would not have thought about the tactics they did to become the millionaires they are today. In fact, most people that grew up in this era subconsciously adopted conservative lifestyles. Therefore, adversity forces one to reconsider their lifestyle and change for the better.

Adversity can stimulate, spark, and trigger a growth in a way prosperity cannot – hardships occur for the better. In The Invisible Man, when the narrator is forced to leave the college by Dr. Bledsoe, he is left with no other choice but to leave for New York. Although he is hesitant and unsure of what awaits him in Harlem, he is forced out of his comfort zone. To his surprise, he is welcomed by the Brotherhood and the Invisible Man is able to make a name for himself. The conflicts experienced by the protagonist force him to reconsider his stance on all aspects of his life. With Bledsoe’s wrongdoings, the Invisible Man is able to recognize and analyze adversities that come his way as the book progresses. In contrast, prosperity that one is given automatically does not always provoke character growth. For example, because of Mr. Bledsoe’s high position at the college, he tends to misuse his power. A man that lives a life of prosperity does not face any major adversities that rouse a newfound character strength. Instead, he focuses on retaining the power given to him, with Dr. Bledsoe being the best example of this. Bledsoe accuses the Invisible Man of actions outside of his control, betraying a student of the school and ultimately, betraying his own race. When an unexpected shift occurs, although not accepting at first, one is forced to learn for the better.

Since the first books, characters have always ended for the better or worse for their own situations. Adversity forces one to an unexpected craze, but if he can overcome this, he will everlasting prosperity. Adversity may be a rude awakening, but it is effective.

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