Outliers: Quotes Analysis

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

Central claim- “Outliers are those who have been given opportunities – and who have had the strength and presence of mind to seize them” (Gladwell 267).

Strategy 1– Malcolm Gladwell uses many rhetorical strategies to expand his point and add some zest such as using narration to make a descriptive and detailed picture of his point and uses parallelism to tell us the differences of two points but still use both towards his argument that how successful people have been able to achieve success and to describe his style of written language.

Quote 1:’One warm, spring day in May of 2007, the Medicine Hat Tigers and the Vancouver Giants met for the Memorial Cup hockey championships in Vancouver…”

Warrant: Gladwell uses narration here by describing the situation and surroundings, and makes the story sound and look more accessible. The quotes help him start the story and gives us a surrounding to start the story which will further the story and make his point.

Quote 2: “The professor ever realizes that Chris Langen is good at calculus.” And “Is it and wonder Oppenheimer handled the challenges of his life so brilliantly?”

Warrant: Malcolm Gladwell groups his case studies into 2 groups of similar individuals like parallelism, people who’ve gained success through luck or opportunities. Malcolm Gladwell says that Oppenheimer knew how to navigate the world and make success for himself in a way that Chris Langen didn’t. Also says Chris Langan and Robert Oppenheimer have similar talents but radically different levels of success and recognition and how they gained success.

Strategy 2– Malcolm Gladwell uses questions to pique our interest to keep us thinking about the traits that most outliers/successful people have.

Quote 1: “Or are they”

Warrant: This rhetorical question “Or are they” amends us to think about his statement if players are judged by performance or not. It starts to transition into the next paragraph about outliers and who they are.

Quote 2: “how many more would now live a life of fulfillment, in a beautiful house high on a hill?”

Warrant: Malcolm Gladwell uses this to ask us to think about how many people would live in a beautiful house if they weren’t held back, or if they had fantastic luck, if they were true outliers or not.


Recap and extend Strategy 1:

Recap and Extend Strategy 2: Gladwell asked us many questions throughout the book to ask us what are traits you think some outliers are or he would use them to make an end to a story.

What was your theory resulting from this read? My theory resulting this read is that a lot of successful people were lucky but had enough courage to take the luck and turn it into a business, power, or money.

Why is this book and your opinion important to the reader? It’s important because you get many viewpoints on how the reader takes the book into their own mind and how they process what he says about outliers and successful people.


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