Obama’s American Jobs Act Essay (Critical Writing)

August 17, 2021 by Essay Writer

President Obama addressed to Congress on September 8, 2011 with a speech. At the very beginning of the speech, he said that American people didn’t want to hear about future elections and other political issues, as they were more concerned about their families and jobs.

Obama focused his attention on the American Jobs Act aimed at creating job places and offering businesspersons better conditions for running business. Obama wanted the American Jobs Act to be passed by the Congress as he believed that this act was the only necessary for the country.

The main purpose of the act under consideration is to create more job places to make people return to work. Obama dwells upon skies and transportation system which are at the lowest position in quality right now. Obama states that if the act is passed, the construction works are going to be implemented. Financing the building of world-class transportation system people are going to be employed and this will help the country economy.

Furthermore, Obama pays attention to schools and educational system in general. He is sure that the USA has many schools which are ruined but due to their reconstructions, they may open its doors for students and offer many positions for teachers and other staff. Obama is sure that having created new jobs, the country’s social and economical situation may improve.

Much attention in the article is paid to small business. Obama is sure that small business is a guarantee of new positions creation. Small business flourishing in the country may improve the situation at the labor market. Promising tax cuts to those who hire more new employees and raise workers’ wages, Obama wants encourage small entrepreneurship to combat unemployment. Veterans’ employment is also going to be rewarded with tax credits.

However, having read the speech up to the end, the only question which arises in my mind is where Obama is going to take money for the actions he is to apply. Buildings and transportation system construction require great deal of financial injections. The USA is on the threshold of bankruptcy and it does not have an opportunity to finance new positions and reconstruction of the country. Furthermore, Obama plans to cut taxes of the country which need those taxes to recover from crises.

Obama promises fifteen hundred dollar tax cut next year for each typical working family. Where Obama wants to take such money? Taxes are one of the main sources of income of the USA and depriving the country of this financial support means to leave it without any financial profit.

The President should think about the ways to improve the standard of life in the country by means of other actions but not at the expense of economical situation in the country. Thus, country’s economy is in the unfavorable position and the failure to implement the actions which may help it may cause great problems in the future.

In conclusion, Obama’s American Jobs Act is a great opportunity to help reduce unemployment in the country. But this act cannot be applied at the moment due to the existing situation in the country. Being on the threshold of bankruptcy and having a huge debt the USA is unable to go too far and cut the taxes which are indispensable for the country’s further functioning and are the main means for recovering from crisis.

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