Novel Response: Brave New World Essay

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Authored by Aldous Huxley in 1932, Brave New World is a must-read fascinating chef-d’oeuvre that features the manager of hatchery who wittingly introduces several boys in a research with a sole agenda of tampering with the bright future of the boys in the name of tailor-made programs.

Huxley utilizes a lot of creativity in using this approach to reach young people, symbolized by ‘boys’ in the masterwork, aiming at voicing a word of caution to them especially when they adopt scientific methods of doing things. According to Huxley, tailor-made work programs and production systems as evidenced in the novel have led to the loss of direction of many young people and more so students.

The Theme of Tailor-made Programs

The author addresses the theme of tailor-made programs through various depictions of characters in the book. He uses changes in the environment to elaborate the effects of tailor-made programs. For instance, he uses changes in the world state society of the characters to illustrate how the changes influence their lives in a negative way. For instance, he uses a character such as Bernard to demonstrate the negative impact of a change in an environment or simply the impact of tailor-made programs on young people.

Bernard is against sexual and immoral behaviors that are evident in the world state society when he first encounters them. However, when he changes the environment by meeting new friends (a symbol of advanced technology), he changes his behaviors and begins to behave like the people in this world state by getting involved in promiscuous sexual relationships.

These programs affect most of the characters that are used in the program negatively. One example of the character is Bernard who, after being exposed to a different environment, behaves differently from the way he used to behave. Another character is John who takes his life away after his views on personal values and world-state society clash.

The clash leads to negative consequences that see his hanging after he is blindly influenced to change his once adorable behavior. In addition, the use of soma is very popular among the youths. The youths use this drug to attain happiness. They have failed to understand the negative impacts of the drug on their health. Therefore, the programs lead many youths to engage in deviant behaviors that the society does not uphold.

How the theme relates with the real life situation

The theme depicted in the book rhymes with the real life situation. Many youths are prone to the use of drugs upon their completion of school. They aspire to attain happiness. They do not want to face the truth. Furthermore, peer influence is one f the problems that the youth face. When they engage in a constructive or gainful employment, they proceed to seek happiness by getting involved in deviant behaviors such as promiscuous sex and drug use.


As Huxley has demonstrates, tailor-made programs can be of benefit to the society. However, they can as well lead to more problems and challenges to those at risk like the young people and students. Many young people who have the opportunity to engage in these programs do not utilize them well.

However, they use them to expose themselves to the dangers smoking, drug abuse, and irresponsible sexual behaviors. They seek happiness instead of the truth. In most cases, these uncouth behaviors have led to their death. Likewise, in the real world, the programs have the potential of transforming youths. Nevertheless, because they do not use them well, they are misled. They end up ruining their life in pursuit of happiness. Therefore, there is the need for young people to be cautious in everything they do.

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