Nature And Nurture In Romeo And Juliet

May 19, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Play Romeo and Juliet shows how quick people are in making bad permanent solutions to their lives and those around them. Romeo is a depressed fool throughout the entire play. Whilst Juliet is a spoiled child who wants everything to work out her way or nobody else’s. Romeo and Juliet do not have fully developed brains, and therefore can’t fully comprehend the impact of their lives, and the people around them leading to their irrational decision’s.

First off, the nature of both Romeo and Juliet is phenomenally immature with their actions. They always act like spoiled kids who are also suicidal and are prone to it whenever the question of how much they love each other arises. Romeo is not ready to like someone new after just coming to terms that Rosaline does not like him. He soon after falls in love with Juliet after just realizing that Rosaline does not want him. Romeo had only just shared a brief moment staring at Juliet and he was already in love. Juliet is an immature brat who wants life to only happen around her and her needs rather than the rest of the people in her life. When the nurse has information for her about Romeo, she just wants her to share it rather than help her rest. When her nurse tells her the information about Romeo, she is expecting her to help her with him climbing into her room immediately after she states it. Both characters personalities toward each other and their families are wildly out of tune with where they should be (Shakespeare 21, 125).

Additionally, the nurtured side of Romeo and Juliet is in shambles much like the nature of these two. The relationship between Juliet and her mother is a very poor sour one. This will lead to all kinds of mental problems with Juliet and much of this can be seen in her actions. She is acting very irrationally and acts like she is always neglected by her parents, which is true, as well by everyone around her (JW, JR and Bow). Additionally, Romeo shows throughout the play; that he is not mentally sophisticated enough to commit to such a: strong, permanent, and life changing relationship with someone that he hardly even knows. During the play he exhibits such a weak grasp of a relationship between his parents. He shows little communication between them and acts like they get in his way through most scenes they are mentioned in (Shakespeare). Both Romeo and Juliet show little regards for themselves and exhibit little restraint in the actions that they take with how drastic they can be.

Romeo does not have a fully matured mind. Romeo is to young and ignorant to fully think for himself. When discussing the matter of how much they love each other; he threatens to use suicide as a means of love. He never shows signs of mental stability; instead preferring to risk everything in order to see Juliet (Dalgleish, Moradi and Taghavi). He does not think before he speaks and follows through. Including this, Romeo also rushes into big life decisions shortly after meeting Juliet. Only after roughly one day from meeting Juliet he quickly decides that him and her she go and get married (Shakespeare). Romeo has never shown signs of mental maturity and stability in the play.

Tying the loose ends, Juliet is also an extremely immature spoiled brat. During the sequences of the play she wants her way to always work. When her mother tells her, she needs to start considering ideas for marriage she deliberately disobeys her. She will try anything to get her way including throwing Romeo under the bus. She is also very impatient as we can clearly see. When the nurse presents any information about Romeo, she is immediately rushing her. Juliet hardly gives her anytime to sit and rest to explain herself. Juliet shows more than obvious signs on why she is more than immature (Shakespeare).

Now, on occasion these poor decisions can provide some good. For example, the marriage between Romeo and Juliet. The good in this is that it will drive the families closer together in the future. As well as, even though it was a fast decision it made these two happy for a short time. Though these decisions provided some good the overall effect of them was negative. They lead to the deaths of other side characters such as Tybalt. Yet Juliet hardly ever gets mad at Romeo for this. Making these poor decisions only leads to large tragedies in the play including Romeos and Juliet’s (Blakemore and Robbins).

Finishing up, since Romeo and Juliet have such underdeveloped brains, they can’t properly know the impact of their poor decisions. Romeo and Juliet both have a sub-standard relationship with their parents. They both make poor decisions with how quickly they choose them. Not to mention on how they are both depressed and extremely suicidal. This leads to why Romeo and Juliet can’t think properly as well as comprehend the weight of their decisions.


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