Napoleon Exiled to Elba

August 26, 2020 by Essay Writer
  • 1812 Napoleon launches an invasion against the Russians
  • 1814, Napoleon forces surrendered and he offered to step down in favor of his son
  • His offer was rejected and he signed the Treaty of Fontainebleau, he agreed to abdicate in exchange for which he was given the tiny Kingdom of Ebla, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • May 3, 1814 Napoleon arrives on the island of Elba  He brought ambitious plans to reform government and a personal escorts of 1000 men, and a household of staff
  • An island of 12,000 inhabitants in the Mediterranean, 20 km off the Tuscan coast
  • Napoleon attempted suicide with a pill he had carried since a near-capture by Russians on the retreat from Moscow however, its potency had weakened with age, and he survived to be exiled while his wife and son took refuge in Austria
  • Evening of February 26 , 1815 Napoleon takes advantage of temporary absence of the English custodian, Colonel Campbell
  • Under the cover of night, he silently slipped away with a from the island and returned to the mainland
  • He traveled through areas where he knew he had support and about 500,000 volunteers joined him
  • Escapes with a small army and headed to Paris, proclaimed the renewal of his empire
  • The French may have found Louis XVIII reasonable, however, they feared the royalists and clergy who were attacking the reforms that had come into effect since 1789
  • Also the magic of Napoleon’s name and the glory of his rule been forgotten Battle of Waterloo  Return of Napoleon united the powers at Vienna, and agreed to raise and army under the Duke of Wellington
  • June 8, 1815 near the town of Waterloo, Belgium the 100 days campaign starts
  • June 8, 1815 near the town of Waterloo, Belgium 100 days campaign starts
  • June 18, 1815 Duke of Wellington occupied the ridge of Mont St. Jean (south of Waterloo) and Napoleon was at La Belle Alliance across the valley
  • Duke of Wellington had inexperienced infantry, cavalry and had 156 cannon and standard gun for infantry
  • Napoleon built his army on short notice with veterans, peasants and conscripts
  • The French army under fire from the garrisons at LA Haye Sainte and despite heavy casualties at 11:30am the French launched diversionary attack on Hougoumont
  • An allied line that hid behind the ridge
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