Myths about Life and Earth Essay

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer

There are many legends and myths of how and when all life and the Earth came into being. One of them tells a story about a complete emptiness. There was nothing, indifferent darkness where no life, planets, solar systems or energy were present.

This was a state of existence that is not classified by any qualities, as there was no life or an observer who could define the surrounding environment. Some myths call this state chaos, and Gods were the ones who changed everything by creating order. But even chaos is something rather than nothing.

As it is hard to imagine a universe where nothing exists, the beginning point is difficult to imagine. Humans are used to thinking that there is always some form of a beginning and an end, but there is a supposition that there was no actual beginning. The universe and all life are timeless and there was no creation of the universe, it existed always.

The higher beings, ones that are called Gods, can be seen as forms of life that have existed for billions of years. They often come down to planets that are still young and the civilization is just beginning to flourish. This sort of possibility is often attributed to the Earth and buildings that can be found here.

Many older civilizations that have disappeared a long time ago, deliver a message through the buildings they have left behind. The sculptures and drawings of human-like beings can be seen as proof of civilizations and are characterized by coming from the sky and carrying great technology. The people who were born on the Earth would mix with the beings that were higher in development and knowledge, thus leading to a civilization that exists today.

A very significant segment of this myth is that many pyramids that cover our planet are built at specific and significant points. This means the technology that the higher beings had, allowed them to calculate distances and specific locations from space and not the Earth. The ability to travel between galaxies and bend time is one of the major characteristics that are attributed to the God-like beings.

It is interesting to consider that the story about extraterrestrial visitors does not conflict with the belief in God or several Gods. Nature itself is a system built on order and balance. The planets and stars are made by the energy that exists everywhere, thus making it one of the most significant forces. Ancient mythology unites Nature and God into one being and makes evident the fact that people have a part of God and Nature inside them.

This is illustrated through many religions and people are given the connection between the beginnings of life and eternity of the universe. Every person has a chance to develop a higher understanding of the surrounding environment and the self through meditation and other techniques. All the things that take place in existence follow the same order, which means that there is no other place where only Gods are made, while everyone else is made differently.

In the end, it is clear that Nature is a divine part of the universe. The creation of planets can be compared to the beginning of new life, where the chaos of cosmos comes together in perfect unity and creates conditions for life to form and develop. Thus, the major character in all existence is Nature. It is also a great organism that requires specific conditions to evolve and gain strength. Even the Earth is a great entity that interacts with humans and reacts to all activity which is both positive and negative.

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