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The main character in this discussion is Poseidon god. This god was referred to as god of seas and oceans in ancient Greek. He lived at the place called Aegae in the deep sea where he used to keep horses and chariots that he used for transport. His wife was called Amphitrite and had three children.

He also had other children that he bore with other mortal women and divinities. In ancient Greek people believed that storms and earthquakes happened under the influence of this god. However, just like human beings, these gods had flaws such as jealousy, anger and fear.

Therefore, these gods were immoral and committed mistakes. This paper explores on an ancient Greek myth, “the seas and oceans are controlled by gods that must be appeased to ensure that havoc such as earthquakes and storms do not occur”. It focuses on Poseidon god of the seas and oceans in Ancient Greek that was to be appeased through sacrifices to ensure that seas and oceans remained calm.

The major problem or issue that made Poseidon god to cause havoc in the sea was failure to be offered sacrifices by the people. The god caused mayhem in the seas through earthquakes, floods and storms. During such moments, the sailors and people who lived near the seas experienced problems as they lost their properties and even life. He caused this havoc because he wanted people to offer sacrifices to him. When such sacrifices were not offered, this angers the god and destruction happened to awaken the people of their duty.

Therefore, people accorded respect to the god because they were under his mercies and could not go against his interests. Therefore, people could not get peace without satisfying the god of the seas. They could not get islands to go and live if they failed to offer sacrifices to appease the good to create them. They drowned their horses to honor the god so as to please him to do according to their wish.

The problem that Poseidon caused was only solved when human being decided to offer sacrifices to him. He was a good full of anger and could cause havoc in the ship that would lead to shipwrecks, earthquakes, chaotic springs and drowning. He was believed to be the creator and the controller of the sea therefore, people gave him respect and they make him to become angry.

Therefore, Many scarifies were offered to this god and they included black and white bulls, wild boars and rams. They were thrown in wells in places such as Deine as a sign of sacrifice. Once these sacrifices were offered to him, he restored calm in the seas and oceans, and sailors regained their peace.

He also created horses and coached people skills of managing horses. This god is attributed to the protector and originator of the horses releases. Therefore, he formed positive relationship with people by coaching them to ride horses. Such periods were clear indication that peace was prevailing.

Therefore, because of close association with these horses, he was often depicted riding on the horseback or riding using his chariots, which were drawn by four or two horses. This close association made people regard him as the friend of chariots, as he sometimes metamorphosed or transformed into a horse to deceive his attackers or enemies.

He also solved problem because of his benevolence nature at some occasions especially when he was calm. For instance, when he was peaceful, he could raise the islands out of the seas on which people could come and live. Therefore, his personality differed with difference circumstances and situations.

Poseidon was also a greedy god because he was involved in a number of disputes with other gods, especially when he wanted to take over cities that were reined by other gods. For instance, he attempted to take over the city of Athens but could not succeed as Athena managed to retain it.

When islands sprout ad storms remained calm, people knew that the god was happy and therefore the problem was solved. The god could restore peace in the seas and oceans once sacrifices were made to him. He could also make new islands to sprout where people went to live. These were depictions that peace had regained and everything was in order. Poseidon was a god who reigned over the sea. He had many characteristics that were different from other gods.

He was the greatest Olympian god who reigned in the sea, floods and droughts, rivers, horses and earthquakes. The god was portrayed as a mature man, strong in physique. He kept a dark beard and held a trident in his hand. The god drove a chariot of hippocampus. The trident he always held in his hand was a sign of power and mighty. The spears were used to break rocks to calm the storms in the sea.

Once the problem or the conflict between human being and the god was over, the people continued to enjoy the resources that were in the sea. They could go to sail and fish without worry because the seas remained calm. They also went to the islands and lived there peacefully. The god had no problem or issue with the people and therefore, he allowed them to engage in their activities. People were also aware of their duties of giving their sacrifices to the gods.

Some characters of this god became evident such as greediness when there was nothing disturbing him. He got involved in a number of disputes with other gods, especially when he wanted to take over cities that were reined by other gods. For instance, he attempted to take over the city of Athens but could not succeed as Athena managed to retain it. He wanted to take everything to his control as depicted from the greediness to acquire the territory of other gods.

Therefore, to sum up, it is evident that myths in the ancient Greek played a key role in the lives of many people. For instance, the myths related to ancient Greek god Poseidon illustrates the importance of obeying and doing according to the will of the gods. Poseidon was a god of the sea and therefore was to be respected.

Just like a human being, he had strengths in other areas as well as some flaws in others. His anger could cause havoc and damage properties and lives of people. Therefore, it is an interesting myth to read because it captures the instincts of a reader. Their problems with the sea were solved when they respected and gave their sacrifices to the god. It is a very interesting myth that many generation can learn be informed about the truth or the sincerity in such myths.

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