My Turkey Farm

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

Farm growth always comes with expenses growth. We presently have 5 female turkeys that have started laying. At their laying season early this year, we couldn’t get any chic from them as the major problem was most of them laying in the bush and rain disturbed the eggs, they most times do not sleep on their eggs and it results into a waste as the fertile eggs went bad.

We have confined them to a hall as we approach their season which is from this month and they have already started laying. They have collectively laid over 30eggs as at today. We confined them so that we will know where they are laying and be able to monitor the process. The major limitation we might face is the hatching of the eggs – for this, should the turkeys refuse covering the eggs for the necessary period of time, the eggs might go bad. To put this in check, we will need an incubator to start hatching the eggs. This will help us to start having and selling day old turkeys and other livestock plus also have them readily available in the farm. But because of the light supply which is not constant, we will need an incubator that has inbuilt inverter which will help us to cover for the lack of supply of electricity.

I searched online for incubators with inbuilt inverters and saw the TR112 Incubator. The incubator is said to have 1. Egg tester-which we help us check if the egg is fertilize or not before incubating Temperature and humidity alarm Digital temperature control and regulator Automatic egg turner- this will mean that there wont be need to open the incubator to turn the sides of the egg to the heat supply Etc. The price of the incubator range from between N90,000 to N130,000. The incubator can accommodate more than 90eggs at a time and the one of about N130,000 has an additional 300watts inverter that comes with it. This is presently the area I need urgent help with. Though this may be a small scale business, there is no need to limit its growth. Its a Farm affair and i am living and loving it!


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