My Story in Religion and My Thoughts in a Prayer For Owen Meany

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

I was born in a very religious family. My grandparents were christians, as well as my parents. My father was not so close to religion as my mother. My mother took me to the church sometimes when I was little. I didn’t like it at the time, it felt like it lasted an eternity at the time. But things changed, we stopped going to church. I don’t know if we stopped because of lack of time or because my parents just didn’t want to go anymore. The years were passing, I was seeing my family fighting with each other, and getting crazy with religion. That happened frequently, and for years, I thought the cause for all of that was specifically religion, and I just wanted to get far from it.

One year ago, my parents announced that I would study in Contra Costa Christian School, in America. At first, I was scared of what was going to happen next, I had no idea of how it was going to be like, but my parents told me to be open to that experience, even though I didn’t like religion at all.

When I finally went to the school itself, I got very impressed, people were very friendly and kind, but it was still too soon to get any opinion on religion. My first experiences in the school with christianity were not bad, but I was still very confused. The months were passing, and the Spiritual Retreat came. When some people told their stories in the chapel, I changed my way of seeing religion, it was not a bad thing for me anymore. After the Spiritual Retreat, some people were still telling their stories in religion, and that kept getting me a better view over religion.

Today, I believe I’m a Christian, I believe in God’s words, follow them, and I still want to spread it to other people. I want to show people that passed through the same situation as me, curing them from blindness. I passed from a non-believer, and a hater, to a follower of God, and think many people passed or are passing through the same situation. I know this school will still change me a lot.

A Prayer for Owen Meany has characters that reflect a lot about religion, and it makes you think very deeply about communities, your relationship with God, and how you communicate with him.

Owen is the most reflexive character, and he questions the Christians communities a lot. He refers to them as unnecessary and stupid, because they don’t go through prayers and the bible the way he goes, and that pisses him off. That makes me think about church communities a lot, if I’m in the right one, if they follow a solid and good flow, and if they really care about what they’re claiming and praying for. It is a very complicated and delicate theme to talk about.

A Prayer for Owen Meany, even not being a completely religious book, it makes us reflect deeply about our religion choice, and how we should share our beliefs with others.


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