My Impressions From Ramayana Book

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

My independent reading book was titled The Ramayana. The author of The Ramayana is R. K. Narayan. R. K. Narayan is short for Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami. Narayan was an Indian writer who specialized in writing fiction stories/ legends of India. He is known as one of India’s greatest English language novelists. Narayan was born on October 10, 1906. He died May 13, 2001 at age 94. During his lifetime, he was given many awards. Some of these awards were Akademi Award, AC Benson Medal, Padma Bhushan. Narayan was known as one of the most famous Indian literature writers. He brought a lot of Indian culture to the worlds attention.

In this legend, it begins in a peaceful kingdom, during 1000 B.C. The royal family is one of the richest families around. They encounter little struggles and challenges in the beginning of this story. But as more and more characters are added to this dramatic legend, the main family (kingdom of Aydohya) start to fall apart. In this tale, some antagonists appear, war breaks out, kidnappings occur, and forbidden, romantic love stories are shared.

This legend dates back to the 1000’s BC, in India. During this time, there is many mystical creatures and dramatic events. In the 1000 BC, it was a time of kings, and queens, and large kingdoms. Many kingdoms would go into battle with each other over disagreements of some sort. This book focuses on one main battle between the city of Lanka and Rama with the Monkey Kingdom. Also, another main focus of this book is the relationships of people. In the beginning of the book, there is a lot of drama at one particular kingdom. This sets the mood for the rest of the book. One main theme of the book is good against evil. Many characters play roles of evil disguised in a humanly form. Evil causes several events in this book such as sneaking around and plotting evil schemes. This leads to larger events later on in the book. One last main focus is the love between Rama and Sita. Back in the 1000’s BC, it was a romantic forbidden love period. Marriages were usually arranged by parents, and true love was very hard to find. When Rama gets banished from the kingdom and is forced to go to the enchanted forest, it causes Rama and Sita to fall into great sadness. They are separated and this unfolds as their love story. Eventually Sita refuses to stay there without Rama and heads to the enchanted forest to be with him. But later on in the book, Sita and Rama get separated again and their forbidden romantic love story resumes.

The main characters of this legend are Dasaratha, Rama, Sita, Bharata, Hanuman, and Ravana. Dasaratha is King of Ayodhya whose oldest son is Rama. Rama is the main character. He is a very obedient, caring character. He knows to always do the right thing and he is always the one to stand up for what is right, and fight. He is one of India’s main heroic figures. Sita is Rama’s wife. Sita plays a shy woman who is obedient and does not act out of order. She doesn’t have many rights, and doesn’t make her own choices. Bharata is Rama’s brother, and Dasaratha’s second born son. Bharata takes over his father’s throne shortly after his father retires. Bharata’s mother Kaikeyi convinces Dasaratha to banish Rama to an enchanted forest and let Bharata take his throne. Bharata is a naive young man. Hanuman is the Monkey Kingdom leader. Ravana is the 10-headed king of Lanka who kidnaps Sita. Ravana’s actions lead to a war between Rama (along with the Monkey Kingdom) and the kingdom of Lanka. The main protagonist is Rama. The main antagonist is Ravana.

The main conflict is the kidnapping and war towards the end of the book. Ravana kidnaps Sita (Rama’s wife). Rama is determined to get his wife back. He requests help from the Monkey Kingdom. Hanuman (the Monkey Kingdom leader) agrees to help get back Sita. Ravana and the Lanka kingdom go into battle with the Monkey Kingdom and Rama. This main battle shows bravery and courage. The main character, Rama, uses bravery and leadership to overcome the events in this legend. For example, when Sita gets kidnaped by Ravana, Rama doesn’t just ignore it. He gathers as many soldiers (from the Monkey Kingdom) as he can to try and fight for the right thing, which is saving Sita.

The main theme of this legend is a great battle of good and evil. This is a very powerful message that can be used throughout our lifetime. This battle can show courage and bravery and respect. Just as the main battle shows in this book. On one side of the battle there is good fighting for the right reasons. And then there is evil, fighting for their own selfish reasons.

A major symbol in this book is the main character Rama. I think this because, Rama is the center and human form of good in this legend. He is a perfect role model and does what is right. This legend shows how Rama (the good) goes against the world and all of its evils. In many events Rama starts to fail and lose, but in the end, good always wins. Rama is a good example of this.

This book can relate to almost everyone in the world. This includes the past and present and future. This book/legend may originate in India, but it is an overall universal theme. The legend has many unpredictable and mystical events that occur. You can not really relate to these events, but when you break down the literature and understand the main theme of these events, they become quite simple. For example, in the book there was a huge battle between Rama (with the Monkey Kingdom) versus Ravana (the seven headed king) and the city of Lanka. You can not relate that to your everyday life today, but the main theme of that battle is good versus evil. You can relate this main theme to your everyday activities at any point in your lifetime.

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