My Hero: Barrack Obama

August 10, 2020 by Essay Writer

According to the oxford English dictionary a hero is ‘a man who exhibits extraordinary bravery, firmness, fortitude or greatness of soul, in any course of action. In most cases, a hero has unique and special qualities that make him different from other people.

For instance, a policeman battle crime everyday and when they are dealing with conflict they have a determination, courage, perseverance and other traits that make people to admire them for their noble qualities. Typically, a hero is admired for their achievements and actions that has led to improvement of our lives.

One such a heroic person that comes to my mind is Barrack Obama the 44th president of the United States Of America.

Barrack Obama is the former president of the united states of America. He inspires me because of the tremendous achievements he had achieved since he was born. First and foremost, Obama is the first black president in American history (Salter et al, 2009).

I can remember his slogan ”yes we can” that he used in his first presidential campaign and this slogan contributed immensely to him winning his first term for the president.

Obama became one of the best presidents America had ever had.

Obama had a great personality, such as the charisma that made him be liked by many. This charismatic personality he portrayed that he can attract many supporters in America. Obama inspires many by the books he had written and the speeches he gives as well as community services he participated. His determination to solve the problems with other countries such as Kuwait, Kenya, Sudan among others through negotiation instead of wars.

He became the fourth American president to ever won Nobel Peace Prize while still in office. He won the prize for his contribution to improving the global community. He believed together we can make the world a better place for all (Coatney, 2018). For sure the people all over the world can feel the impact he brought to the world while he was in office. He was able to solve the conflicts among the warring countries in the world.

During his two terms in the office as a president, he always insisted on the importance of education. He had always told the children of America that education is the only tool that can change the world to a better place for all.

Without education, the country has no future he told the students to invest their time and energy in education and tell them the fruits of education are sweet. Obama has visited many students across the world and kept on urging them to pursue their dreams and this was through education.

Barack Obama has had an amazing life. He has overcome obstacles in his life to become a great leader admired by many. His leadership has made America economy to grow into a greater height. His actions and motives throughout his life are evidence that he wants to make America and the whole world a better place in order for the business and investment to thrive. He had influenced many leaders across the world to make the world a peaceful place for all people to live in.

He used much of the money he had earned to help rebuild communities and improves the well beings of less fortunate in society. He had also helped the countries with financial constraints by donation and grants at a low interest rate to help them improve their state of the economy(Obama, 2015). His contributions to a vibrant society will forever be remembered. In Kenya, there are some places that are named after him including roads, schools, hospitals, gardens among others.

In a nutshell, Obama has proved to the world that despite the challenges or where you come from you can be whatever you aspire to be. He defied all odds and became the first black American president in history. You were able to change the world through your determination and unselfish deeds to a better place. Barrack Obama is a leader and a symbol of hope. He is a hero, yes my hero.


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