My Continued Ending of “All Summer in a Day”

April 13, 2021 by Essay Writer

As Margot slowly and cautiously started to show her face, the students all crowded around to stare at her. Her face appeared red in anger, with tears rushing down her face. The children stood frozen in place, as if they had no ability to move or speak. “M.. Margot? so sorry,” spoke William in agony.

“No your not! Or you would have never left me here in the first place. You know, I wanted to see the sun too,” cried Margot, with her eyes casting down to the floor.

“You were right. The sun came out and it was better than I could ever imagine,” Michelle ventured.

“I told you, but none of you believed me!!,” screamed Margot, at the top of her lungs. As even more anger filled up inside of her, she looked up to see everyone around her. In a split second, Margot pushed as hard as she could through the crowd and went running as fast as lighting towards the corner. There she sat, as sad as the rain, still pittering and pattering on the roof.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, the children had no clue what to do. Finally, William bursted out, “You know what?”

“What now, William,” spoke the others.

“I started this mess, so it’s only fair if i go talk to her”

“She wont talk to you! She doesnt even want to look at you”

“Trust me, it’s worth a try” > >As William slowly walked towards Margot, thoughts rushed through his mind. He had no idea where to start. “Margot, are you okay?,” William bolted out, without thinking.

“Leave me alone!” yelled Margot.

“Come on, people make mistakes. I feel terrible.”

“You treated me like a worthless liar! And what did i get out of that? To be slammed into and trapped in a closet.” She was overwhemled, with anger running through her veins.

“I..I was just jealous of you. The sun and all, it made me say and do things i should have never done.”

“Yeah right. Don’t talk to me.” In the corner of her eye, Margot could now see Ms.Sarah approaching her.

“Now, what do you want Ms. Sarah?”

“I just wanted to let you know that i have and always will be here for you. Just let me help you,” spoke the teacher untruthfully.

“Help me? Do you even know how to?! All you’ve ever done is stand there and watch everyone taunt me.”

“Margot that’s not true. You’ve always been my favourite student”

“Yeah right.” Margot always knew that the teacher favoured the other students and ignored how they treated her. Everyone then stepped away from Margot. Margot looked up in disbelieve and stared back down at the floor. She knew the students had never liked her, but she had hope that maybe things would turn around after this situation. Instead, everyone just stared, like statues. Soon after, everyone went back to their desks and went on with their lives, as if it was a normal day. As if this day had never even happened. The bell rang and everyone had left, except for Margot. She had been forgotten once again. Not even the sun could change the other’s perspectives. There sat Margot, in the corner, all alone once again.

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