Monster Research: Charles Manson And Grendel From Beowulf

February 11, 2021 by Essay Writer

Charles Manson is very similar to Grendel. Manson was born from Cain’s murderous way. They both are full of hatred in their heart, and they don’t give any mercy to their victims. They both also don’t care about death to their victim or even to themselves. Grendel and Manson both mostly kill during the night. When Grendel killed his victims, it was always messy, where the blood and guts are splattered everywhere. And with Manson followers, they killed the victims and got there blood and wrote on the walls, which that was a very messy killing, this was a similar killing style like Grendel.

Manson believed he was the most evil person in the world. And Grendel was the most evil in the land or even in the world. Many people feared Manson for his crazy thoughts and the murders he plotted. Same goes with Grendel, many of the people in the village feared Grendel for what he has done to the men and how he killed and ate the men. Both of these monsters hated happiness, they dislike seeing other people being happy and they both do not like the feeling of being rejected, because they would both think that they are weak. Grendel did not like music and hated how the people in Herot played it all of the time. But with Charles Manson, it was a bit different, but the same. For Manson, he always liked music and created music, but when a music producer (Terry Melcher) heard his music, the producer disliked it, and at that moment Manson hated the music of the producer.

Grendel went to Herot and killed the men, which were the warriors, because Grendel hated how they played happy music. When Charles Manson found out where the producer lived. Manson told his followers to go kill him, because Manson hated the producer, hated the Hollywood Industry, and hated the music industry. All of because of what the Terry Melcher told him. But Manson and his followers didn’t kill Terry Melcher, because Terry Melcher had relocated from the home in January 1969 to live in a home owned by his mother (Doris Day). Charles Manson did not know about that. So the Manson Family broke in the house at night and killed the people who were living in there. They also killed nine people at 4 different locations. Like how Grendel killed many people in different locations or times of the years. When Grendel did his killings he was in Herot, Denmark 1012 A. D. and with Charles Manson did he “killings” when he was in California, U. S. A. 1969.

Grendel will grab the warriors, bite them, ripped them apart, and then eat them. Manson gave his “Family” guns and knives, so that they can attack the people, and target them. The “Manson Family” shot the victims and stab them to death. Some of the “Manson Family” members grab one of the victim’s blood and wrote “Death to the Pigs and Rise”. One of the Manson followers grab a fork and wrote “War” carved in the stomach of “Leno LacBianca’s” body. Which shows that both Grendel and Charles Manson have a very similar killing style. Grendel’s killing was pure evil, he gives no remorse, “On murder that crime could ever be enough, No savage assault quench his lust For evil. ” With Charles Manson, he gave a statement towards his evil lifestyle and his killing, that the killings were for him, “when I look inside myself? I see all I’ve the good, bad, the evil I see the whole thing. ” The reporter responded to Charles Manson “How much evil is there?”, Charles Manson told to the reporter “As much as you see. ” This shows how Charles Manson and Grendel have a heart that is full of pure evil and hatred.

Grendel spent most of his life in his liar with no family or no one to love on his side, but his Insanity and the Isolation. This is why Grendel kills. Same goes with Charles Manson on how he spent most of his life behind bars, with no family or friends loving him or waiting for him. Charles Manson felt lonely and unloved with his insanity and his isolation from the world. Which for the reason Charles Manson made his infamous cult and his “Family”, so that he can get people and create his own “Happy Family”. Which is why Manson will go tell his followers what to do, how to live, and what to follow.

Charles Manson and Grendel can not trust no one, because on how they were raised and having problems growing up. Grendel has to think a head and and sometimes he does not even think on how he is gonna kill the men, he mostly just goes in and does it, like to him it is nothing.

He mostly thinks that the men that he killed deserve it and he would do it again. That is similar with Charles Manson think about the plan to kill, but then again he did not know in what way his followers were gonna kill, when he told his followers to kill for him, he did not really care of the outcome as long as they did it. Charles Manson told his followers, that the music producer (Terry Melcher) deserved it. And of course his followers will believe him.

Grendel and Charles Manson are both sick in the head mentally, and will try to find happiness. In conclusion, Grendel and Charles Manson have many things in common three key points that show this are, they both kill at night, so that they would have a advantage on the killings, the second point is how they kill, both of them have a very messy killing style, which there victims body will be ripped apart and blood will be everywhere, and the third point is how pure evil they are, they both do not care about hurting the people or even themselves.

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