Military Persuasive Speech Free Essay Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

I.Attention-getter: “School ownership is our goal.” Who on earth would want to have full control over a school and its students? The military would and that quote comes directly from United States Army Recruiting Program Handbook.

II.Relevance: As I speak, the military is thinking of ways to stop you from getting your degree and they’re trying to prevent your younger siblings and friends from even starting.

III.Ethos: After seeing a number of my young friends lured into this situation, I began researching the topic, and in the past I have brought up my feelings of this injustice to the higher-ups at my previous college.

IV.Thesis: Military recruiters are finding innocent and unsure young people and taking advantage of them by brainwashing them into joining the army.

V.Preview of Main Points: Today I will be bringing light to the terrible ways that the military is forcing students to give up on their dreams and how important it is that we see this action as unacceptable.

Transition: To really help you understand the urgency of this issue, let me provide you with some examples.

Need Step

I.Statement of Need: As a society, we have to give these young people a chance at life and achieving their personal goals.

A.Main Point: Recruiters target the schools with a high drop out percentage, poorer communities, and ethnic neighborhoods.

B.Main Point: The recruiters fill their heads with ideas that they can never make it into school by attacking students with lower grades and lower family incomes.

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C.Main Point: Students are made to believe that college is very hard and that a year or so off of school would be beneficial.

II.Illustration: Do not forget the way that military officials act.

A.Main Point: Recruiters are vicious and they never give up. The word “no” to does not exist to them.

B.Main Point: The Military disciplines their soldiers with drill sergeants. Do you think you’d really be able to fight up against that?

III.Ramification: These instances that recruiters are in schools are not rare.

A.Main Point: The numbers of soldiers straight out of high school is sickening.

Support: These people could be incredibly beneficial to our society but instead we are losing them to war.

IV.Pointing: Many of us in this room probably have a friend or loved one who is currently fighting overseas-would we want them to be there risking their lives every single day simply because they were talked into it by recruiter?

Transition: We are unaware of so many injustices in our world today- we must learn what is really going so that we can control our future.

Satisfaction Step

I.Statement of Satisfaction: The world at age 17 and 18 is so unsure and we need to recognize this in order for us to see the wrong-doings that the military are engaging in.

II.Statement of Explanation: This should be important to every single person in the United States.

A. Main Point: This issue directly affects our lives no matter who we are

Support: Whether it is a friend or family member, a military recruiter would like to find that person. And, because of human nature, we would like to protect them, and we should!

III.Reference to Practical Experience: In the past the government has done many things that people do not approve of.

A.Main Point: Just because we are ordinary citizens does not mean that we have no power.

B.Main Point: Racism, sexism, and many other injustices were fought with just the leaking of hidden agendas to a mass audience.

IV.Theoretical Demonstration: Knowledge is the only tool that will help this problem

A.Main Point: As people, we need to demand the truth.

Support: There are documentaries and interviews that are revealing the truth.

Support: Eyewitness News conducted an undercover report and found that Colonel Manning, who is in charge of recruiting for the Northeast, commented on his recruiters saying “It’s hard to believe some of the things they are telling perspective applicants”.

V.Meeting Objections: There are some people who see these issues with recruiters as being harmless-they believe that it is an option being offered and students can simply say “no” or just ignore the recruiters.

A.Main Point: The problem is that these students that are being targeted usually do not have the best education.

Support: The Gazette quoted an anti-war member is quoted with saying “A lot of them [students] aren’t 18 and they’re being strenuously lobbied to consider signing a contract that is extremely complex and one of the major provisions of that contract stipulates that the military can do pretty much anything they want to do to you regardless of what’s in the contract”.

Support: These students are being told that they probably will not be sent overseas and that the war is over!

Visualization Step

I.Positive Visualization: If the military stays out of high schools then the majority of people who have signed up will have done it willingly. For the most part, they will have made their own decision without being brainwashed about what to do. The people who are fighting will have wanted to, and they will fight with all of their heart to protect all of us living at home.

II.Negative Visualization: If we continue to stay blind to all of these injustices, there will be a lot of innocent young people dying before their lives have truly begun. They might be our friends or our family and we might have to say goodbye to them before we should. They will learn the harsh truth about the military when it’s too late.

Transition to Conclusion: We do not have to continue waving goodbye to our country’s children while they leave to fight for a war they might not believe in.


I.Summary of Main Points: The truth has been revealed. The military manipulates the high school students into signing up for the military by targeting the poor and those struggling in school.

II.Reinforcement of Request: I hope you take the time to further your knowledge on this subject. The more knowledge you obtain, the more easily and effectively you can make things right.

III.Closure: Remember; never settle for something you believe is wrong. We have the power to make a difference and change the status quo.


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