Memories and Adventurous Thoughts: “The Glass Castle” By Janet Wall

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

I think that the author, Jeannette Walls has chosen the title The Glass Castle for the memoir because it makes me realize as I read the book along the father, Rex Wall had a dream of building a castle that is unique and is more prominent than any other. Every time an occurrence occurred it was clear for them to visualize, but took them time for them to realize as more incident occurred they realized the idea behind it. It was an adventure for them by age but as time flew and they grew up by age they realized the surroundings they had showed them more of a clear picture.

Before they could understand what they were and how they lived their parents made them escape and move to another place around so they could escape the bills and any other charges. It’s a figurative term to to show if they did find the gold by an unrealistic dream by their father, Rex Wall, to search for then their lives can change in an instant. It an illusion set for them to visualize “how it will really be”, by their father who has set empty promises and false hopes of them having expectations from a glass to show, that it’s clear glass through which nothing can be crystally shown.

The word Glass is represented as fragile because it can be broken down anytime just as her father’s promises to them by always stating “Have I ever let you down”, it shows as they were able to grow out from the adventurous story tale, how deep they were dipped in poverty and the children having such dysfunctional parents to really understand the reality of this outcome.

The word Castle represents their memories and adventurous they thought of as they moved from place to place realizing that more food will be bought in, they will have more new clothes to bring in, and get a house their father kept promising them of. The memoir was like a time graph showing from time to time how they faced each consequence that occurred in their life; each time a story of her’s finished, Jeannette didn’t start from the next day she started from a place that made her realize and remember those moments that affected her and had a deep meaning, she couldn’t forget such as getting burned to a point where they had to move each time to escape what her parents couldn’t face.


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