Measure for Measure – William Shakespeare’s Dark Comedy

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Response Paper of Measure for Measure

Having been performed in New York’s Fiasco Theatre on November 25th to December 20th, 2015, the “Measure for Measure” play by William Shakespeare is an example of a dark comedy with live music. New York’s Fiasco theatre is a case of Shakespeare’s bewildering plots to narrate a singular tale of morality and manipulation. The play was directed by Noah Brody alongside Ben Steinfeld combines incidences of injustice, hypocrisy, and the difficulty of inflexible virtue to explore sexual politics and social justice.

The Fiasco’s theatre’s production in New York includes a dose of live music even as the darkest comedies are acted. As the play is performed, the Duke of Vienna masquerades himself as a friar among his people but finds the city disentangling in an ethical free fall. Even before he can reclaim his position as the Duke of Vienna, it is questionable if he can assist her brother from criticism of the villain Angelo. The creativity in the theatre show is, therefore, an illumination of William Shakespeare’s surprising plots to narrate stories of decency and exploitation (Measure for Measure).

The play involved a cast of six characters with a set that comprises of six doors and some benches. The play was in one way or another considered a revival of the play that has been considered an effort in its story of corruption and stringent moral codes. The simple setting in which the play was performed promotes the inventiveness of using everything that is at the disposal of people and makes the most out of them. During the theatre play, the directors were responsible for leading the conversation, but they did not dictate the approach to be used by the cast of six (Measure for Measure).

During the performance, a lot of seriousness, as well as comedy, are witnessed throughout in the same scene and the same line. The stage is, therefore, lively as the director of the play managed to make instantaneous shifts between hysterical vulgar and the theatre-hushing seriousness. The approach used in the Fiasco play was probably meant to bring out nuances and fun in the entire play. The production underlined the tension between morality and sexual appetite as well as the tension between transparency and secrecy. The self-exile of Vincentio in the play illuminates the place of the production in William Shakespeare’s works. Before the play, Shakespeare’s works featured self-exile scenarios in the form of abandonments, expulsion, and resignations. The director’s experience was evidently visible in the outdoor space, with a broad comedy was shown in the dark than anybody would expect (Measure for Measure).

The show incorporated modern film elements such as video footage, contemporary music, film itself, and reference to the television. The contemporary elements offered the audience a new frame and way of seeing the play. The play took no different directions by following both disturbing and darkly comic sides. However, religious allegories were not overlaid in a way that could be easily noticed. For instance, no solution is found for the existing problem.

Critically, the production did not make sense in highlighting Duke’s cruel behavior. No clear reasons are given why he delayed informing Isabella that his brother was alive. Nonetheless, the play was incredibly enjoyable, making it proof that the play Measure for Measure could be used as a comedy in the film industry.

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