Mayor Henry Agostini’s Speech Essay

September 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

I am happy to announce that we found the solutions to the community’s health care issues, and the development of the new Hospital project in Bilby was started. This event is significant for all the city because the development of the new Hospital provides answers to such problematic questions as the Bush hospital’s impossibility to offer services to the community’s population, problems associated with coming to the Bendalong Regional Hospital, and even the employment problem.

During recent years, the community faced the challenge of the rapid increase in Bilby’s population. On the one hand, the tendency influenced the community’s development positively, and we are happy to welcome all the new settlers in Bilby. On the other hand, we faced the problem associated with the impossibility to provide high-quality care for all the population because of the lack of necessary resources. The Bush hospital cannot respond to the people’s needs, and the community became dependent on the Bendalong Regional Hospital. Fortunately, the solution to the controversial situation was found, and the new Hospital project was started.

At this stage of the project’s development, we plan to locate the new Hospital at the Bilby Graveyard and Grasslands territory. This site is the perfect place to find the Hospital because of the ease of access and possibilities for locating the hospital buildings and associated infrastructure. The Hospital should be built on solid ground, and this site provides us with the opportunity to make an effective hospital complex to meet the community’s needs while following the principle of sustainability.

The community’s population needs to receive high-quality health care, and we should provide the community’s members with such an opportunity. That is why the demand for building the new Hospital is apparent. Bilby’s population will receive the necessary treatment without going to the regional hospitals, the local employment will be encouraged, and the development of the industry will influence the progress of the infrastructure. The building of the new Hospital will respond to the community’s multiple needs while contributing to its apparent progress.

I also want to predict you’re possible questions and respond to your concerns. According to the Bilby Environment Survey Report, the Grasslands territory is unique in its flora and fauna that is why we focused on finding the solutions to overcome the issue and decided to protect the natural balance with the help of developing gardens at the territory of the Hospital. Moreover, protecting the nature of the Grasslands, we also propose the solution to the water requirement problem in Bilby with the focus on building an innovative system. In addition, the Trust Society of Victoria discusses the role of the graveyard as a historic site. Thus, we ensure that the cemetery is treasured in the community, and its relocation cannot affect its historical role.

I am inclined to state again that our community needs high-quality health care and perspectives for economic progress and our new Hospital project provides the population with many opportunities to satisfy demands.

The Debates in Bilby as the Barriers to the Community’s Progress

The development of the new Hospital project in Bilby provoked significant public debates developed by the representatives of three opposite community groups, which are the Bilby Business Association, the Bilby Historical Society, and the Bilby Landcare Society. If the Bilby Business Association performs as the developer of the project to build the new health care complex for the community at the Bilby Graveyard and Grasslands territories, the Bilby Business Association and the Bilby Historical Society argue against the project because of the wrong choice of location for the Hospital. In spite of the fact that all the groups pursue their specific goals and provide the convincing arguments associated with the spheres of their activities, the prolonged debates on the topic can become significant barriers for the further progress community because of the necessity to meet the community’s health care needs immediately is obvious. That is why the focus in the debates should be shifted from supporting the arguments to finding the compromise.

The Bilby Landcare Society claims to stop the project because the discussed area contains endangered species and unique grasslands. However, the representatives of the society ignore the fact that according to the Briefing Report on Issues Related to Proposed Hospital Project and according to the projects proposed by the Bilby Business Association, these issues are addressed with reference to the development of gardens to protect the species and the territories’ natural balance (Bilby Business Association 2012; Briefing report 2012). In its turn, the Bilby Historical Society discusses the graveyard of the historically significant site and argues against the possible relocation. Nevertheless, the Bilby Business Association and the council work to respond to these claims as well.

As a result, the community pays much attention to the opposing the project while joining this or that side, and less attention is paid to revising the project in order to find the compromise and adequate solutions to the controversies because the whole project contributes to the development of the Bilby’s community significantly (Bilby Shire Council 2012). According to the Bilby Business Association, the community’s demands for high-quality care and emergency services can be satisfied only with references to building the new hospital complex within the discussed territories of the Bilby Graveyard and Grasslands because these lands are perfect for the Hospital’s construction (Bilby 2012). Moreover, it is essential to focus on the economic benefits for the community, which is associated with the complex’s building.

From this point, the community and organizations should focus on finding the compromise as a result of discussing all the possible solutions and on assessing all the potential advantages and disadvantages of the project with the focus on the community’s welfare. It is essential for the Bilby’s community and organizations to overcome the barriers to the community’s progress because they are predominately connected with the developed debates. More attention should be paid to the role of the Hospital in meeting the population’s needs.

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