Martin Luther King Theory: Issue of Power Essay

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Martin Luther King was a leader an activist of the movement which fought for the civil rights of African Americans. In addition to these he also served as a clergy man in America. Martin Luther is a prominent leader who used non-violent approaches of fighting for peoples civil rights in the United States and other countries in the worlds. Martin Luther borrowed a lot from the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. He is among the most recognized leaders in American history (Garrow 58).

Martin Luther King Theory

On the 28th day of August 1963, demonstrations were held in Washington Town. More than 25 000 people attended the demonstration. People were fighting for freedom and creation of job opportunities. This was the largest demonstration which had ever taken place in Washington. The police in Birmingham attacked the protesting group with the use of dogs and fire horses.

The protestors were mainly teenagers and young children. This is the time during which Martin Luther was arrested and jailed. During his time in jail, he wrote his letter in which he wanted people to disobey government rules which were not just. The letter was a reaction against the argument that injustice should not be fought on the streets but in the court made by the clergy men (Garrow 62).

According to this letter written on the 16th day of April 1963, a person of faith learns that people can use power to impose laws which favors them in expense of other people. Luther and the other Protestants were against discrimination laws imposed by the government. In America, African Americans were highly discriminated especially in public schools in which whites were favored. The police were brutal to the demonstrators because they had power over them and could not be questioned even after killing them.

This is the reason why they threatened the demonstrators and harassed them. The government had used its power to impose such laws. African Americans were mainly the people disadvantage because they did not have equal opportunities with other people and could not ask because they did not have the power (Stears 160).

The letter teaches people of faith that they should use peaceful means in demanding for their rights. Blood shed and civil wars which lead to death of people should not be used. Like Luther, peaceful demonstrations can be of great help. People should not give up in fighting with people in power for their rights.

They should demand for their rights even if it means going through difficulties. We also learn through the letter that freedom is never achieved voluntarily. People have to fight for the rights. This means that justice can never be achieved if there is injustice in the society. Common people should be treated well by people in power (Stears 165).


People of faith belief that power can not be used to oppress and exploit other people forever. A time will come when people will come to know their rights and demand for them. In conclusion, them letter by Martin Luther advocated for the respect of human rights.

The government used power to oppress people and prevent them from having their own rights. He advocated for the end of discrimination between the blacks and whites which led to unequal treatment especially in schools and job opportunities. People in power may use it to exploit people but there is still hope of enjoyment of peoples rights (Stears 170).

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