Market Revolution and Urban Population Essay (Critical Writing)

October 14, 2020 by Essay Writer

The Market Revolution of the early 19th century had numerous impacts on the lives of many urban residents. The revolution touched the lives of both the poor and the rich in these urban regions. To begin with, the urban population of the United States grew very fast due to this revolution. More people migrated from their villages to these cities in an attempt to have better lives. As a result, the rich acquired a lot of wealth, while the poor continued to languish in poverty. More people in society were enlightened during this period. They also became aware of their societal positions and classes. The rich decided to have separate residences from the poor. House-cleaners, chauffeurs, and mansions characterized their new lifestyles. The rich members of society benefited the most from the Market Revolution.

The rich purchased machinery and equipment to produce more goods. On the other hand, the poor people were supposed to offer cheap labor to these tycoons. This revolution also influenced the passage of the country’s constitution. The constitution was critical towards supporting the rights of different farmers and merchants. The constitution resulted in better manufacturing practices and activities. The country was producing more goods and crops than ever before. The poor were unable to sustain their conventional methods of production. The new development resulted in class divisions. Unskilled laborers were compelled to invent new methods of making money. Those who succeeded established the middle class. The rise of this middle class widened the need for more services and goods. The establishment of the middle class increased the gap between the poor and the rich.

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