Mark Watney`s Adventures in The Book” The Martian”

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Mark Watney who is the lead character and all the story revolves around him. He is an Astronaut and a botanist by profession. He went to mars on the Aries 3 mission but unfortunately, they got hit by a severe storm.

So, the story begins as they all left from the base camp in the spacecraft for there safety. As they were moving suddenly debris hit by the storm where everybody got separated and Mark Watney lost his course and the communication device also got broken and after sometime his crew members considered him dead. So instead of searching for him they went back to the base camp in space considering him dead due to adverse atmospheric conditions. When the storm passed away Watney found himself alive with low level of oxygen in his suit. He realised that he survived just because of the antenna which was pierced in his body suit and also found he was all alone left on Mars. But instead of panicking he calmed himself and used his brain and was trying to find the solution. The duration of this mission was of 43 days which is equal to 45 sols used for calculating days other than earth. Mark was left with less amount of food supply which could last long only for 210 sols so he did some rationing of his food intake and used it wisely.

The whole mission of 560 sols which means that it required 540 days to complete it. So, his survival instinct made him realise, to use his senses and skills in order to complete the mission. With all his patience and efforts, he created the suitable environment for the crops. He used human excreta and soil from mars to create the suitable land not only this he used his gadgets for this and was actually succeeded to grow potatoes over there. After few days NASA came to know that Mark survived the storm and tried to contact him.

The the next Aries 4 mission required 4 years to take place but however on mars the landing site of Aries 4 mission was 3100 km far from the location of Aries 3 mission (Hermes- Base Camp) it was a challenging thing for him so he connected the two rovers with extensions by connecting one battery with the other which increased the mileage, however on the way to other Nasa mission site he also faced many minimal storms. It took 25 days by him to reach Aries 4 mission site where he used the electricity from solar panels with oxygen supply from his suit. While returning to Hermes another malfunction of hatch occurred, and the hatch busted due to which the crops damaged. Meanwhile he tried to managed the rover so that he should not feel cold. In between he tried to seal the hatch with plastic sheets and tapes. When he tried to pass through crater named Schiaparelli his rover tumbled down. Still he somehow did the modifications and managed his rover again. At that moment Mark thinks of himself as a space pirate as he has no restrictions, borders or rules.

When all of this was happening, Mark’s Team was still unaware of his survival and NASA did not do anything regarding that situation. After sometime all crew members initially came to know that Watney is alive, they agreed to go back again to the mars to rescue their fellow crew member. However, NASA sent food supplies to the Aries 3 mission team so that they again approach for mars with all essential necessities. Back on Mars days passed Mark did not take bath from many days due to which his physical condition got worse.

A spacecraft which was available on Aries 4 mission site proved beneficial for Watney’s rescue but he had to remove his few gadgets and gizmos because the shuttle was overweighed with 3000kgs and could not exit Mars’s atmosphere and also the launch procedure was all controlled by the crew itself. After removing all the extra stuff from the spacecraft Mark was all ready for the launch. Launch took place and Mark successfully made through the launch as he had to undergo severe atmospheric pressure conditions. Watney in a humorous way also told his crew leader that in space if he pierces through his glove then he might also be able to fly in space as Superhero Iron-Man. However that situation never happened. So finally, at the end he was rescued and came back to earth.

In a nutshell I can say that this book was very interesting as I felt connected to it, authors journey of Mark Watney’s survival and his hope of achieving his mission. Story clearly explains that how a person can survive in such bad and odd conditions. If a person has his hopes high and positive mind then with his strong determination and will-power he can do wonders irrespective of being succeeded or not. Hope is the ray of life.

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