Main Motives in I Am Legend

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Essay 3

Monsters are a common theme throughout many literature works. While the story changes how the monster is portrayed, the monster contains a deeper meaning and a purpose in the story other than to being the antagonist. However, the method of how we identify the monster’s purpose depends on how it’s interaction is throughout the story. In the movie I am Legend (2007), the Dark Seekers are shown to be the creation of a mutation apocalypse gone out of control. However, although they are a monster of a mutation virus, they represent a harsher reality of the negative effects capitalism brought forth through those who were not privileged enough. Dark Seekers show the role of how civilization becomes were there to be a pandemic which criticizes humans to the point of extinction. They show the true contrast of how darkness overcomes society, how some have forced priority over others and how it gives the people a sense of reality to not be so separated from others.

Dark Seekers are shown to be a mutation who only hunts down human organisms. They’re shaped from hate and are different beings altogether from human-kind whom they were mutated from. By trying to change a virus and control how bodies react to that virus, Dark Seekers evolved into a simultaneous dead and alive sentient with superhuman abilities which makes them a zombie and vampire hybrid because of their mutual relations between each other. Now dead, they use no other method of remaining alive other than attacking humans during the night. This shows how similar they are with zombies. They attack without regard of endangering themselves and only strive for the purpose of attaining the human and mercilessly killing them. Their hate drives them to do extreme measures to do anything to kill humans. By humans having being the cause for the Dark Seekers to turn into what they are through the movie, it fueled the hatred for Dark Seekers for being forced into a state of suffering and despair.

Dark Seekers are shown to remain in packs and are vulnerable to the UV rays that the sun gives off. Vampires now become relatable because they share those characteristics. Along with those, Vampires are known to be empowering and organized when attacking. Although Dark Seekers are not entirely organized when attacking, they form groups to attack a particular target and the movie has shown that there was an alpha male leading these Dark Seekers. They also have super-human strength, enough to break through walls with barehanded, flip over heavy vehicles in an order of consecutive attacks and jump heights high enough to reach the top of roofs with no other aid. Vampires are also social monsters who mutated from human blood by becoming infected by another vampire when they were human, just as how the Dark Seekers became infected by having a blood alteration which caused it to mutate into what they are now. Dark Seekers are also social because they remain in small groups and have human characteristics of affection and distress.

Because human-kind attempting to play god by changing a virus, they’ve created a mutation hybrid of Zombies and Vampires with a strive for murder. The monsters in this movie are both humans and Dark Seekers. Humans because they’re what caused this virus to happen and had the main protagonist not have kept attempting to fix and repair his problems, humans would’ve been the bigger threat. The movie emphasized how society crumbled in a short amount of time considering that a small group of people were the true cause of it. Capitalism also appears when the main protagonist gets higher authority to advance his family although he was one of the main causes of the virus.

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