Lying Is An Integral Part Of Our Society

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

The act of lying has been around since the beginning of society and has started to become the social normality. Almost everyone lies, whether it is a white lie to protect someone we love from the truth, it is still considered lying and and we continue to repeat this process of lying on a daily basis. Nowadays, current society is loaded up with deceives the point that it has begun to get simpler to lie than to come clean with somebody, which makes it hard to have the option to separate from a legit individual coming clean from a liar. People tell lies in various forms, from white lies to lies that cause deception. These various from of lying can be seen in Stephanie Ericsson’s essay “The Ways We lie. People use these various forms of lying to because it makes their life easier to live in a lie, rather to tell the truth. Ericsson mentions the simple lies she says, from exaggeration, to minimizing something because it is much simpler to tell these miniscule lies than to tell the blunt truth. Ericsson states “I once tried going a whole week without telling a lie, and it was paralyzing. I discovered that telling the truth all the time is nearly impossible. It means living with some serious consequences”. Ericsson describes her experience of telling the truth to bring forth a plethora of consequences rather than benefits for her honesty. Even if she lies to make her life easier, it is still lying and isn’t justified and would not make her any different slick politicians and corporate robbers. This ties to the different from of lies people tell, for example, the white lie, which people tell thinking they are helping or protecting others, but in reality are causing them more harm. The “White Lie” expects that reality will cause more harm than a basic, innocuous falsehood, but in reality the liar is who is deciding what is best for the person being lied to.

For example, Ericsson mentions an example of a sergeant in Vietnam who knew one of his men was murdered in real life, however, recorded him as absent with the goal that the man’s family would get uncertain remuneration rather than the single amount allowance the military gives widows and youngsters. His goal was good. However for a long time this family kept their expectations alive, unfit to proceed onward to another life. In addition to the white lie, another form of lying that rathing you lie to other people, in reality you are lying to yourself, is called “Delusion”. Lying isn’t always directed towards other people, many also lie to themselves mainly as a “defense mechanism”. “Delusion acts as an adhesive to keep the status quo intact. It shamelessly employs dismissal, omission, and amnesia, among other sorts of lies. Its most cunning defense is that it cannot see itself”. Lying surrounds us at all times, regardless of how devout we may attempt to be, we will even now adorn, support, and preclude to grease up the day by day hardware of living. All in all, as we develop we discover that our lives can influence others and perhaps hurt them, and above all else that lying can make individuals lose their trust in us. We will always be unable to wipe out lying from our general public since it makes our lives simpler; it is only simpler to lie.


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