Love Story in The Great Gatsby

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

In the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of the few main characters Jay Gatsby was missing something in his life. In this book people were valued by the amount of money that had, and this book shows how money can buy you “friends”. Gatsby had everything any man could ever dream of, the riches, the fame, the enormous mansion, the women. Many women wanted to marry a rich man so they could have all the nice things they ever dreamed of having. But money could never buy you love. Fitzgerald wrote about one women who didn’t want to marry for money. Her name was Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby had experienced love from what we know only once in his life, and every other girl meant nothing to him. But his one true love is Daisy who was the one thing Gatsby didn’t have.

She knew Gatsby before he was rich she fell in love with him but Gatsby went to go fight in the war and left his true love behind. Daisy’s love for Gatsby never went away but her old money led her to a man named Tom Buchanan, who she had married before Gatsby had returned from the war. Daisy knew how much Gatsby had to put himself through. And she felt guilty because she is married and yet her love for Gatsby never abandoned her heart but it wasn’t as strong as it used to be five years ago. Both Daisy and Gatsby declared their love for each other. But Daisy declared her love for Gatsby to Tom, and she confessed to Gatsby about her old love for Tom. But in the end Gatsby was lead on by Daisy she thought Gatsby wasn’t good enough for her and he didn’t get along with her friend group. Gatsby was also very in control of his life and in control of Daisy’s too.

If Daisy would’ve left Tom and married Gatsby then the book would’ve been just another rags-to-riches story. But if Gatsby would’ve searched for control over his life in other ways he still wouldn’t have married Daisy. Event though Tom had many, many affairs she couldn’t leave Tom for Gatsby because they are a part of the “old money” society while Gatsby was a part of the “new money society”. Tom and Daisy’s marriage gave them a secure spot into the “old money society”. If Gatsby hadn’t left for the war then maybe him and Daisy would’ve live a happily ever after story. Because if he stayed home then their relationship could’ve grown stronger. Or if Gatsby would have taken more account into Daisy’s feeling instead of her money, beauty and status then he would have had a better chance of getting the girl he’s loved for years.


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