Love Of A Mother In A Raisin In The Sun By Lorraine Hansberry

May 19, 2022 by Essay Writer

In A Raisin In The Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, she introduces us to an African American family who has to endure poverty. Hansberry also shows us how the Younger’s members of the family value money the most, While their mother tries to show them the value of family. Mrs. Younger shows the value of family by wanting to invest in everyone’s dream and hers. Mama, Walter Lee Jr., and Beneatha have cherished dreams.

Mama’s dream is that her children will have a good life, that’s why she tries to do everything she can for them. For instance, Mama wants to buy her family a house. She wants her family to be happy, which Mama believes will happen if they get a bigger and better place to live.”… I just tried to find the nicest place for the least amount of money for my family (58 ). Mama thinks the best way to go about with the money is to buy a house. She feels as it will uplift her family into a better spirit since they will be in a different setting soon.

Although mama had many short-term dreams, her long-term dream was to make sure her family as well. Mama is supportive when it comes to raising a family, which shows that she cares for her family. Mama looks at Travis and says that she “…went out and … bought you a house! … It’s going to be yours when you get to be a man” (56 ). Even though mama and them struggling, she feels as the house will bring them closer and also get them out of the small apartment.

Mrs.Younger known as mama wanted to give her children the one thing she’d always dreamed of, Although her dreams weren’t theirs. Mama feels as with the house that the family now has hope and can accomplish their lives. However, she realizes Walter has a dream of his own, which she couldn’t support. “… So you butchered up a dream of mine – you – who always talking about your children’s dream (Pg 59).” Walter quotes that to mama which made her come to her sense. That she had been doing what everyone else in the world was doing to Walter by not giving him a chance. That caused mama’s dreams to become complicated because she wanted to put the rest of the money up, but she ended up giving the rest of it to Walter so he could follow his dreams.

All in all mama’s biggest dream was not destroyed. Her dream was for her and the rest of the family to live a better life and to continue to love, care, and cherish one another at the end of the day. Also, that better days are coming even with the late big Walter being gone, but he blessed them with something much more.


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