Literary Analysis of the Autobiography The Hiding Place

December 10, 2020 by Essay Writer

The Hiding Place is an autobiography of Corrie ten Boom’s experience as a major kingpin in the Jewish Underground Railroad. The story starts off about the hundredth anniversary of the ten Boom watch shop. The family lives in Haarlem, Holland. The father, Casper, it’s very religious and generous. The family and their employees gather every morning to read from the Bible. The year in the beginning of the book was 1937, when Nazism was becoming a major problem. The Dutch house, or beje, is the main location/setting of the story. The book then goes back to when Corrie was a young girl and how she grew up and why she is the way that she is now. The community really enjoys the presence of the ten Booms in the watch shop. The people who lived in the house or Corrie, her father, and her sister Betsy. They created a secret room for Jewish people to hide during rates. Cory constantly had a battle in her mind about whether what they were doing was right, but she always reminded herself it’s what God would have done. Cory had acquired a list of connections who would be able to help her in her plan to keep the Jews safe. Someone is helping them with ration cards, ways to get past the police and much more. It was very difficult for the family to keep their business going well, maintaining the secret of what was really going on day by day in the beje. They had been preparing for many many nights and days for when the raid would come. They want to be prepared for anything. And one day it did come. The Jews that were hiding were never found so they were saved but people on the streets of been talking and the German police found out that it was Corrie and her father and Betsie that where the main problem and ring leaders in Haarlem. The three of them were arrested and separated. Unfortunately, father died ten days after he was arrested but Betsie and Corrie were imprisoned for a couple months. While in prison, Cory was very sick and she was kept in solitary confinement in order to prevent the spread of disease. While in the cell, Corrie started to make the best out of everything. She tried to decorate her room so that she would not be as bored. Though she was sick, she was not treated any better. They did take her to a doctor who was very kind and gave Cory some items that she needed. Nollie had sent a package to Cory while she was in jail and it contained the four Gospels, but she had given them away. The doctor had given her a Bible and a few other things such as a needle and thread. The other inmates would whisper to each other and asking for names to see if there were their family members in the same location or if anyone knew anything about them. Betsie and Corrie discover that they are in the same prison. Later, both of them were moved to a different person and they were able to talk about what had happened.


Very nice summary. I felt like you really got the key points down and you did not ramble on. You did a very nice job introducing the book and the main characters.

You need a title, and a header with your last name and the page number on it. If you do not know how to do this, let me know and I will show you in class. Also, you need to have paragraphs and transitions. This paper should not be in one long paragraph. You also switch from present tense to past tense. I underlined words in your opening sentences to show you the difference. You have a few spelling errors and missing commas.

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