Literary Analysis Of Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao which fosters the theme of alienation and dislocation of the previous culture in the context of globalization with the panorama and domination of west culture. The beginning of the novel poses the identity issue of the immigrants by narrator such as, should the immigrant tries to integrate and be more like the people in his adopted country to keep at maintaining his cultures and tradition in a threat of the surroundings. It is related to the questions of the alienated immigrants and their own quest for all the identity.

The dominant character Oscar struggles to encompass her identity and find clash between the two cultures in the novel. Narrative is a telling of some stories or series of events described by a narrator. Diaz writes about the real mirror image of cultural evils or problems. Besides, he also reflects himself as an immigrant in the U.S.A. He is an African immigrant who group up in America. It makes him a specialist in blending two cultures, both African and American. He has struggled with contemporary subjects. He seeks cynical about customs and traditional, yet he finds out in their heritage the keys for the longings and needs of tradition current time. He is a modern writer since his writing highlights the idea of the trivial women with an endocentric setup. In his works, insights take preference over the compulsion of technique. He recognizes the paradoxes in a given area and also plays an ideological, cultural, philosophical, artistic struggle. In this sense, the author hypothesizes the sign of post-modernism, ego, freedom, love, sex as challenging through his modern emotional responses.

Diaz’s originality and talent lie in his technique of narration. He has used various techniques in writing such as alternative narrative, first person narrative, letter and dairy writing, myth and magic realism particularly to express disordered and tragic condition of African immigrants while establishing themselves to the new civilization. The author strikes a fragile between fantasy and realism in his novels. In his The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, there is a mixture of fantasy and realism.

Diaz is stylistically different; he uses the combination of first person and third person narrative joined with flash back devices to provide realism and force in the novel. The writer used the flashback in time using a type of methods such as retelling of memories and dream sequences. Flashback breaks in a narrative’s linear time flow. Diaz’s novels begin in the present but for a while move back and onward in time. His story focuses on the life of an immigrant. Through them he tries to depict their inner felling and experiences.

Thus, his novels are usually written in first person and thoroughly hold the reader. The chapters in Diaz’s novels are named after the central characters. This is a very exclusive pattern of writing which evidently brings out the internal feelings of the protagonists. Diaz’s novels satire is more apparent. His protagonists who are trying to understand their country of acceptance face ironical situation. In The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao , Oscar comes to America with the purpose that he would be having an innate capacity develop.

It is clear that the protagonists of the novelist like Oscar, Lola all get free of modesty or humility so as to act in agreement with their inner voice. They are all in fact directed by the spirit while with an ironic equilibrium between faith and disbelief. Diaz has nothing to do with the reality that life is not a sequence of show lamps. By the primary use of hope chiefly in the conclusion of his novels to pass on a wider human point of view i.e. life is totally changeable and has to be lived through hope.

The plot of the story is simple and complex, simple due to the coherent narration, without travelling back and forth in time. It is complex in the sense that the characters take some extra-ordinary decisions and can be understood by throwing an insight into their psyche.

Diaz’s characters are all very well-written. Most are women African, and most are living in America. They all come out from the page as different, some accepting their circumstance, some rebelling, some even like the way they are living Diaz make all his characters struggle gray in their morality and still very understandable and like-able. His characters identity.

Most of Diaz work is partially autobiographical. He deals with the immigrant experience, which is an important theme in today’s world. He writes to unite people and he dose this by destroying myths and stereotypes. As he breaks down these barriers, he dissolves boundaries between people of different backgrounds, communities, ages and even different worlds. Most of Diaz’s writing centers around the lives of immigrants.

Identity crisis is the main theme through which the author portrays the two countries African and America. It is also called as tradition and change. In many of the expectations, few characters face as far as education and marriage are traditional. They are set roles they must either accept or risk gaining a reputation. Dress, celebrations, and religious beliefs in the novel are very much a part of African culture. In traditional relationship women are not expected to have the power to leave home.

By the end of the novel, however, there are changes. Western influence and westernization of African society, especially the upper classes stand in sharp contrast to the traditionalism of the middle and lower classes. Freedom and riches in the west are often bought, particularly by the immigrant.

In literature, symbolism occurs when something represent something else and holds significance. symbolism plays a big role in the plot, be it the fairy tales that the sisters spin around themselves to tell each other, or the constant references to mythology. So reference to mythology has been used as a means to regenerate the ideas of modernity. Diaz reject conventional myths and create new ones/ in the first part of the novel both the protagonist attempt to conform to the traditional feminine roles allocate by the male hegemonic society.

The mother enter the new world of women. This is symbolically shown when they sell their dilapidated, ancestral house and move to a few flat. The change in them after they move to their new home is amazing.

Thus the novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao a literary fiction. The story is driven more by characters than by plot. Diaz artfully uses similes, metaphors and figure of speech and makesure that the story is warm and pleasurable reading. His use of metaphors, drama and passionately living characterization reveal his exquisite cognitive ability to observe or imagine lives in intimate and rice details. It tell them in a way that makes the reader fell they are not only observing a story but are, in face, in the story. His ability to engage readers is amazing. Diaz elevates the work of storytelling to an art of form.


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