Literary Analysis of Dudley Randall’s Ballad of Birmingham

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

Each poem often has form factors help deliver the messages that the author has in mind. These factors help shape the story and if presented well, they contribute effectively to understanding, towards the reader. This essay seeks to analyze and explain the literary elements found in Ballad of Birmingham written by Dudley Randall in 1965. Dudley Randall was an African-American poet and publisher from Detroit, Michigan. He found a pioneering publishing company named Broadside Press in 1965, which published many leading African-American writers. Randall’s has always been famous by a poem named ‘The Ballad of Birmingham’ was written in response to the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, including four girls killed.

Their relevance in making messages about the story, ventilation. The poem tells of a young girl asking for permission from her mother to participate in a march in Birmingham town. This is at a time when anti-racism demonstrations are regional order in the region. In an effort to stop protesters, the government at that time used any force, to make them breathe, sometimes to use live ammunition. The mother who feared for her daughter gave some reasons to prevent her from participating in the march. The mother told her daughter that physical attacks would be imposed on protesters, including clubs and dog bites.

The daughter tries to explain that there will be other children marching and therefore relatively safe for her to participate. The strong mother said that the child could not go and instead advised her to go to church and sing in the choir. Girls work and clean up before going to church. Later, a bombing occurred at the church and the mother rushed to see that her daughter was among the victims. This poem regarding personality of human, there were two people in the poem, mother and daughter were given different appearances. The mother gives an image of a caring and protective parent who does not want any harm to her daughter. This is shown in the way she tries to stop her daughter from going to dangerous places. The mother knows from experience that protesters are not treated well, and she will do everything she can to prevent her child from being hurt. On the other hand, girls presented are naive. She still hasn’t experienced the dangers of the world and that’s why she thinks going out to attend a march will be very interesting. The daughter also pleaded, and she continued to push her mother out, even though her request was rejected. She knows that by insisting that her friends will be there, she can calm her mother. Unfortunately, for her, the mother stood on her ground.

This essay has set out to explain the use of literary techniques in a poem. This poem also shows readers how much love the mother gives her daughter and she always wants to protect her child in every way. A Ballad of Birmingham analytical poem by Dudley Randall has been used to illustrate the use of literary elements in conveying a message. The discussion came to the conclusion that using the right storytelling strategies helped the author to come up with a topic that he had in mind, in a way that was easily chosen by any reader. By lifting specific examples from the poem, an all-inclusive analysis has been presented. It is easy to conclude that this poem was written very well especially because the author cleverly used literary devices to make his story stronger.

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